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Dear Billy Fleming (former UA Student Government president and current Campaign Steering Committee member of the Fay Jones School of Architecture):

I am dumbfounded by all of the Don Quixote’s jousting at imaginary dragons in this Razorback Stadium Renovation debate. There is no $160 million of University Funds that could be switched to faculty salaries, dorms, or even The School of Architecture. Yet, that is totally ignored as critics complain about “misguided priorities” at the YouOfa. All of those wailing and gnashing their teeth pretending this money should go to more worthy uses than “athletics” are either delusional or deliberately trying to deceive. These proposed improvements WILL use some (but nowhere near all) of the YouOfa’s bonding power to secure the part of the budget not funded by existing funds. All of the repayment of those bonds will come from additional funding generated by these improvements and the revenue from the SEC conference. It will help continue the tradition (that the YouOfa only shares with 23 other institutions) that “athletics” never uses ANY student or taxpayer funds to pay for ALL athletic programs at the YouOfa. That includes golf, softball, soccer, etc. not just football. Since ALL of those other “self-supporting” athletic programs are similar institutions to us, that means there are many schools much higher ranked academically (such as the University of Pennsylvania where Mr. Fleming now hangs out) than us who DO take from their students, faculty, or dorm funds to support THEIR athletics. That includes all other institutions of higher learning in Arkansas. Doesn’t it make more sense to campaign for all of THOSE universities to NEVER subsidize athletics with student, faculty, or taxpayer funds than it does to attack the successful ones for trying to be more successful? Anyone?! Anyone?! Beuhler?!

  1. Don’t throw logic or facts at Libtards. It is a waste or your time and theirs.

  2. Obviously you have a complete lack of understanding of the situation, as this goes way beyond Hog U Football. All money, yours, mine, (even the Athletic Department’s), ALL MONEY, should go through their hands because they are much smarter than we are, and therefore they know how to spend it better than we do. They know what’s best for us, even if our little brains can’t comprehend why, and out of the goodness of their oversized hearts they are willing to drag us, kicking and screaming if necessary, to do what’s really best for us.

  3. They are way above our stupid troglodyte sports that just glorify the best, rather than everyone that participates. So obviously Hog football is not a good use for ANY money, no matter where it comes from or who it belongs to.

Hope this helped.

Glad to see somebody reply like this, too bad it’s on this board where only members can see it. The irony is that now we are 100% associated with the company that criticized the UA Athletic Dept on their editorial page for this and has enjoyed publishing all the negative letters.

Why don’t they run a big story about Arkansas State University and how it is charging students out the nose to support their program, taking money from other departments in the school and tax dollars and still losing $$$$$$$$$$$$$ trying to compete with the UA. That doesn’t figure in their narrative.