During the CWS there have been plays that don’t meet the requirements to be reviewed that are more significant than the fly ball catch by Cole last night or the catch by Heston against Texas Tech. Like the catchers interference last night when Luke hit Smith’s catchers mit with his bat! That was a huge missed call. Just like the obstruction by Texas Tech’s pitcher when Fletcher came to the plate and was called out. There have been runners on plays at all the bases in every game where runners were called out whom were safe. The reverse has been the case as well.
Either they need to fix it or elimainte it altogether!

Me and my brother were texting about this subject last night. The interference no call was clear on the replay. Even the TV guys are frustrated by the confusing replay/no replay mess. Thankfully these calls didn’t affect the outcome.

There have been calls that have happened in games the hogs weren’t involved in that calls made an impact on the outcome of games. Any call that results in outs recorded or not, runs scored or not and additional pitches on the pitcher’s arm does effect the game. They should add an additional column to the box score for missed calls just like the teams errors for the umpires. That would show that the umpires are having as many if not not bad calls than bad plays on defense.

The SEC’s experimental replay was a pilot for the NCAA this year. I expect the number of reviewable calls will expand in the next year or two at the NCAA level.

Matt, on the pitcher interference on the Fletcher play at home, would that not be reviewable under these rules or was it just a case that nobody on the field saw it quickly enough to review it? Or, maybe since Fletcher was called out and it wasn’t a “scoring play” that it doesn’t fall under the current replay system?

I don’t remember a pitcher interference (granted I was awake until 4:30 and haven’t slept a lot).

I do remember the catcher’s interference when Bonfield should have been awarded first base. Is that what you’re referencing? I don’t think it would have been reviewable under the rules the SEC has in place.

I’m sorry, Matt. I was talking about a couple of games ago in Omaha. It wasn’t called, but a lot of fans thought he got in Fletcher’s way.

I don’t think any interference calls are reviewable, with the exception of SEC umpires can check for runner interference that would break up a double play.

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and it lists all the reviewable plays: … egular-se/

Thanks, Matt.