Replay anomaly

The SEC network replayed the game last night. As mentioned before, I had to watch the original on the ESPN app, so it was not recorded. I began watching the replay. During many ESPN affiliated broadcasts ads are replaced by VERY annoying music. I finally gave up watching, thinking I could just fast forward through that stuff. When I began watching today, I noticed that there were no ads blocked and no annoying music. Weird.

I have never understood the whole ads not being shown at times thing when watching a show “on the internet.” Heck, I notice it during non sports shows now that we use YouTubeTV. There will just be ads that are annoying music.

Are those spots of local ads and you don’t have “local” ads when watching on the internet???

In production, you build something so it can be sold to someone else for replay and insert their own ads. I know that when Bo syndicated his radio show, there were spots that he sold and then spots that were not sold for the stations to sell locally. He had a choice of playing canned content, or playing music. He inserted old content. That sounds weird, too.

If you are watching on the Internet, those spots are left blank. But if you are watching on a cable provider, the provider could actually insert local ads that he sold. I have seen that, too. There might be an ad that runs 50 times and that is probably more of a bother than the music.

Yes, those are annoying. But the music the ESPN inserts is more than annoying. Many other networks insert music too. But it is different and doesn’t drive me up the wall.

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