Repeated Log in request

I’ve logged out and back in twice and I keep getting a pop up that it’s subscriber only content and to log in if I have an account. Annoying!

I’m having same issue

I had that a couple of days ago. I rebooted my phone and it did not happen again. Have no idea why it was happening.

This was on my laptop. It lets me post just fine but when I try to read an article I get the pop up. Weird

Same general principle, clear your cache. Might not help but I’d try that. Maddening issue.

Not having a problem on my computer or I-pad just phone, I rebooted phone earlier but it’s still doing it

I have had that in the past and it was that my subscription had expired .

Mine’s on auto renewal.

My subscription is not due until June

I have sent this thread to our IT staff.

Thank you Matt!

Yes ,thank you

Note that sometimes the front page (where the articles live) is not the same login as the forums.

Try going to the front page and logging in there.

I’ve been doing that all day. I can login on my computer and I-pad ok , but not my phone, it says not right email for this subscription try another email on my phone I have same email and password on computer and IPad. When I do go to front page it shows I am logged in

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Matt, are they still working on the log in problem, I still can’t log in ?

I have that problem every day— bad frustrating

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