Remind me - End of Bielema

I saw Chad Morris at Dfw catching a flight back to Xna during an open date.

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His 2016, or next to last class. He wound offering a JuCo kid late in the spring and a kid with zero FBS offers to add some numbers to the room.

Just pathetic.

Funny enough though, his 2017 class, after he was fired, featured two future NFL draft picks in the secondary. Kam Curl and Montaric Brown.

Nothing personal but when he was officially escorted away from RRS it was
borderline ero nahh I won’t do that. It was a very good and sadly NEEDED move.
B.B. had his chance to really help reconstruct The Razorback program and he got overwhelmed with the original love, hope and respect that he received from the first WPS!

unfotunatly that needed move included Chad Morris, had we skipped Chad and went staight to Sam, I believe we would have 15 more wins during that strectch from 2018-2021.

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One of the most embarrassing moments in UA sports history was how the university handled the firing of Bielema. Disgusting and embarrassing.

Sam was a great hire for us. However, a bunch of established head coaches had to turn the job down (or express no interest) before we got to Sam. Our program was radioactive at the time.

He loved him some Theo’s! And I ran into him at Grumpy’s in Little Rock too.

Fans were already on edge from the end of 2016 where we should’ve won 9 games but blew 3 TD leads to Mizzou and VaTech to close out the year. Then 2017 ended up being a perfect storm of bad luck and team/roster mismanagement.

It started when we lost Morgan, Hatcher, and Sprinkle to graduation/NFL draft. That already left us light on experienced pass catchers going into the the offseason. Then our best player, RW3 (who went for nearly 1600 total yards the year before), re-injured his neck in spring practice and retired from football. The injury happened far too late to have any hope of replacing him.

So now you are down nearly 3500 yards of offense before fall practices have even started. Jared Cornelius, who was your #3 WR a year before with 500+ yards, breaks his arm 2-3 games into the season. Make that losses of 4000 yards of total offense, and you haven’t even hit SEC play.

They start the season 2-2 with a winnable game against South Carolina coming up, and Austin Allen goes down in that game. That injury would lead to 3 straight blow out losses. Enos and Cole Kelly would somehow find a way to squeak out two 1-point wins over Ole Miss and Coastal, giving you some slight hope that we might still make a bowl game with home games to close out the season against Miss St and Mizzou.

Those hopes were quickly dashed when the Hogs lost those final two games by a combined 10 points. Bielema was fired before I had even made it back to my car leaving the Mizzou game.

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