Remind me - End of Bielema

Good food for thought. Caution is using wisdom.

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Ditto his response.

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Truth is an absolute defense and alcoholic/drunk are subjective terms. I’ve been called an alcoholic and it really hurt because I’m more of a drunk.



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I had a friend who was also offended at getting called an alcoholic. He said, “I may be a drunk, but I don’t attend those damned meetings.”


I saw Bert shortly after the mizzou game in 2017 at xna airport in the little restauraunt with a bar there in the concourse. It was early and everyone was waiting for their flight to depart you know and I was in there eating breakfast while Bert and his wife were the only people sitting at the bar. He looked like the saddest person on earth. Everybody knew he he was and nobody was trying to talk to him. He just sat there with his liquor barely speaking to his wife hanging his head looking like he had been nursing a nasty hangover for a week straight if not a decade. I truly felt bad for him. Read sad. But I was glad to be eating a healthy breakfast and see that he was on his way out of town at least. Sue me


you ate breakfast at the airport?

This post makes no sense. The head coach at Arkansas flys commercial from XNA?

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The former coach flew out of XNA. Probably no longer had access to the Razorback Air Force.

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I’ve seen lots of stuff like this from people like dogen, but I’ve NEVER seen any pictures.

Was it his last or next to last recruiting class where he whiffed on every secondary recruit and ended up with zero in that class?

It was a coaching staff failure, in large part. The failure was not because of one single thing, and not just on one group of players or one or two assistants. The most important part of any head coach’s job is to find ways to overcome the inevitable problems and win football games at a high rate. You can’t do that when your team is mentally fragile, and letting that fragility develop/failing to end it was what got BB fired.

I do think there was also a lack of leadership and accountability among the players who should have been keeping the team together internally during some of the bad moments on the field. That too is a staff failure, but it also reflects poorly on those players. Some of those guys, including the starting QB, were physically courageous but repeatedly failed to do anything but pout/look depressed on the sidelines after something bad happened. Other very experienced guys committed stupid, emotional mistakes which contributed to losing big leads or simply getting blown out.

I did. Proud of myself for making it through security on time for an early flight with enough time to spare for food. I usually just run on coffee that early

Honestly it didn’t seem Instagram worthy. It wasn’t even really noteworthy. I mean nobody in the airport was paying attention to him except the bartender. Like everyone knows who he is and how unpopular he was in that moment and that he just lost his job and that he has a reputation for booozing and he’s sitting there at the airport bar drinking liquor first thing in the morning. What kind of loser is gonna be taking pictures of that? I mean he’s not a big enough celebrity for the paparazzi to care. It was honestly just a real sad scene.

I’m assuming he flew first class just based on the sheer size of that dude. but he just lost his job and he wasn’t ever private jet rich anyways. Even before he was fired it’s not like coaches can just use the Razorback foundation plane as their personal taxi for their perennial post mizzou loss beach vacay

But I believe Chad was able to use the jet to go to Highland Park and other points in Texas to watch his son play HS football of Friday nights

He figured a way to make it a business trip for recruiting. I remember not all fans were happy about that recruiting effort of his.

My perception, from down here in Texas, was that CBB started acting like he had “arrived” and got lazy; he stopped doing the things he had done to be successful at Wisconsin. Maybe it was getting into the SEC. Perhaps he was distracted by being a newlywed and new father. From the outside looking in, he seemed to become somewhat boastful and arrogant, and you got the sense that he rubbed some of the coaches on his staff (Pittman, for one) the wrong way. The good ones always have options, and they exercised them.

As Clay and others have mentioned, the pool of candidates to replace those who left were - as a group - less desirable than what left. The one exception was Enos.

I don’t know about the drinking issue. I will say it seems to come up a lot, but I don’t have any personal confirmation of it. However, some of the behavior described is consistent with that kind of problem.

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Assume CBB’s steady decline & failures were in part due to JL’s premature & generous contract extension (after the win against a mediocre ut team) that apparently went to CBB’s head such that he became complacent, lazy, arrogant, & fed his other personal demons (which I too heard about here in TX & while visiting in NWA). We lost good coaches & watched the decline in talent & recruiting. The players played unmotivated & CBB obviously lost control of the program - for which in the end CBB was generously financially rewarded.

Never heard an explanation of CSP’s comment when he left about it will not end well under CBB but can well assume his meaning behind that - which for the most part became true for CBB but more so for the Razorback program & its fans.


I said at the time it was ridiculous for a HC - especially a first year HC - to not travel with his team as he was seeking to establish and develop a program and build relationships with his new team.

Most said I was off base. Disagreed then and disagree now.