You can’t spell uterus without UT.

We have just lined up and whipped the Fallopians all night long.


I love it. Texass deserves ALL the bad karma coming their way.

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So happy Our Razorbacks got to be their SEC Welcome Wagon

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Welcome to the F’n SEC

This is what they can look forward to week after week


That’s exactly right. Texas is used to dominating most opponents. In the SEC they’ll face teams week in and week out with as much talent and resources as they’ve got.

I kept thinking that Sark is facing the same problem that took out Charlie Strong and Tom Herman and even Mack Brown at the end.Texas has an overwhelming sense of entitlement, the belief that Texas signs all these blue chips and then they’re going to win just because they’re Texas. And when somebody lays the wood to them they don’t know how to respond. Sark is going to have to fix that or he’ll have the same fate.

It is so always sweet to beat Texass. WPS!

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The burnt Orange never took it seriously that Arkansas plays a team better then them every other week and sometimes back to back

Yes it is let’s enjoy this not look ahead - enjoy this for a while

This will certainly help in recruiting.

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