Remember you improve

the most between Game 1 and 2… :slight_smile:

I’m not worried about losing this game. I just hope we don’t look bad doing it. If they don’t play well, especially in beating this team, it won’t bode well for the rest of our schedule. That’s jyst my VHO!

Score may be closer than most expect it to be. Don’t expect Arkansas to show anything but a vanilla offense and defense. Hogs still should win–no excuse if they don’t–but it might be more like 38-21 than 56-0.

No thoughts of losing. Just the slow start. How the O-line would work together and just not mesh together. Or how the d-line would work ot the back 7.

Impressed with the running backs. And AA getting hit. WE have just got to start blocking and protecting the QB better.

So it was just a statement to not expect to much.

Some respect. TCU next Saturday at 2:30 CBS. WE have had all year to get ready for TCU. They have a lot of players back.

Think Florida. Just bring the crowd.

BTW is the stadium going to be a mess??