Remember when everybody ran the wishbone except us....................

…not just Texas, but Bama, USC, Notre Dame, etc. Frank used his more pro-like passing and running offense to recruit Bill Montgomery from Texas, Joe Ferguson from Louisiana, and all kinds of receivers who did not fit the wishbone offenses that almost everybody else was using. Wisconsin, Stanford, now Georgia, and even Vanderbilt are having success doing the same thing now when all of the “geniuses in their own minds” in the coffee shops and barber shops all over Arkansas think CBB is crazy for not doing like Gus, Dabo, and even Nick Saban using HUNH spread running QB offenses. These mental giants are all saying “he just needs to get him a running QB, spread out, hurry up, and all of our problems would go away.” There are many on this board who think this way.

So far, CBB’s struggles to get his program running like he got the Wisconsin program running gives them the ammunition they need to rant and rave and even “call for us to beg Gus to come back home.”

Last weekend A.J. Derby and Hunter Henry made two incredible catches on the same weekend so their highlights all over sports center just reinforced we are THE UNIVERSITY for tight ends in America. The same should be true for pro-style quarterbacks, running backs, fullbacks, and offensive linemen. So, I think all of this CAN work just like it did for Frank when EVERYBODY but us was running the wishbone and the “legends in their own minds back then” were wondering how he could be so dumb to not do what everyone else was doing back then. I hope CBB can get it going for us like he did for Wisconsin, soon, because after five years, time is running out. Maybe a younger, better recruiting, version of CBB will have to do it instead. JMVVVVVHO

Frank eventually went to the Wishbone for a year or two before closing out his career in the Veer. Frank’s Offenses tended to be very conservative outside of the Montgomery/Ferguson years. I understand the point you are making though. Really, if we had just a couple of quality tackles and maybe a stud WR or two, I don’t think anyone would be complaining about our Offense.

Good points. Frank did run similar to the wishbone in the option veer with pass out of that. They did a little wishbone on the goal a few times.

For CBB to be successful, he is going to have to recruit real SEC linemen in numbers. For some reason, he has not done that (we dicuss that all the time as to why, but whatever the reason, it must be done). I think quickness, especially in the feet is what is missing. Certainly, this staff knows much better than me what a lineman needs, but he has not done it.

Good defense would help, too.

a good defense goes a long ways in winning games and championships along with a good offense

As bad as our defense was last year, if our offense had not completely shut down in the second half of the last two games, this program would be coming off a great year, instead of a disappointing year.