Remember Wes Johnson?

Twins currently have the 2nd best record MLB…pitching is a big reason.
They are 5th in ERA, tied for 1st in Shutouts, tied for 3rd in Saves and Walks allowed, and opponents are hitting .246.
Being 1st in Runs scored and Slugging helps too :sunglasses: … rder/false

Yeah and I remember the way he and his predecessor used to get out of the dugout and either calm a struggling pitcher down or jump his case as the situation called for. I may start calling Hobbs Casper.

Hobbs’ personality is a lot different from Johnson. Hobbs is more apt to let a pitcher work through trouble, whereas Johnson has more of an aggressive, in-your-face approach.

But there is also a big difference this year because of the NCAA rule that limits the number of mound visits (3) a pitching coach can take.

Twins acquired ex AR pitcher Blake Parker this year from the Angels. Hope he can land there for a while. Best wind up in baseball, lol.

Looks like he’s making James Bond a drink. Shaken, not stirred. :lol:

:lol: :lol: