Remember this guy?

Didn’t know he was available. Recall he was our target and his sister was a student at Arkansas.

I remember at getting my hopes up at the time that Mike would land him to be Gafford’s replacement.

I was impressed with his game in Vegas. Will be a good addition to LSU.

LSU seems to be putting things together thru the portal. Sone good additions. They won’t be pushovers they were last season.

I agree. Although losing in Baton Rouge to them this season still stings


I have always felt like LSU has to work pretty hard to suck in basketball. Too much tradition down there to be as bad as they have been. If you can count Shaq and Pete Maravich as your alums, you should be able to recruit. Just don’t be stupid and hire (and try to protect) a blatant cheater.

FWIW–Shaq was/is a super nice guy. He was in school one year when I was there doing my doctorate. I didn’t know him. But I knew alot of folks that did.


Boy that’s right.

sometimes you have to ask why be so upset over such a loss. We made it to the Sweet 16, and the only loss we should feel bad about was to UConn. Otherwise, we accomplished our goals.

Finishing 10th in the SEC was not a goal, Fred.

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uh…we put a team together that finally performed well enough to get to the Sweet 16, and except for a HOT UConn team, might have gone higher. That was my goal, and a whole lot of other folks goal. Winning the SEC outright or SEC tourney and falling in the first Dance game would be an absolute failure for the Hogs, as you implied.

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