Remember the names John Tyson & Sheffield Nelson

They will be responsible for whomever is named the new Head Coach.

Their last minute objections and push to look around on Thursday evening is why Lane Kiffin is a Rebel (Good or Bad)

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Big accusation there.

Sure you have the right two?

Spit it out Dudley

Absolute truth. I thought we had learned our lesson. If this hire fails…surely not…please sports writers hold the BOT and GOBN yo the fire. No one else will do it.

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Nelson is my concern. Tyson…loves Butch. Fine with him supporting Butch. Not convinced he would block HY.

I don’t make accusations that I can’t back up.

That was my point.

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You know, if a donor doesn’t want to give his/her money to a specific coach, that is his/her prerogative. Tyson is a donor, not on the board, correct?

I’ve heard its another name.

If they blocked the hire and caused this they most definitely need to be called out. They always wanna throw rocks and then hide their hand. They need to be blasted publicly. That’s the only way their meddling will stop.

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Correct. He resigned his position on the board several years ago.

If it is my million dollars or more you want me to donate for a new coach, I am going to approve that coach or the University doesn’t get my million dollars. They can go look somewhere else for a million dollars.


This I get. BOT members that are just administrators are the ones that should not be overreaching.

The (G)ood (O)ld (B)oy (N)etwork has forced a Plan B or C decision. Whether your happy or not is up to you.

I am very happy.

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Money talks BS walks

Has this been asked??? Could we really take a chance on a candidate with a questionable background after two recent hires with character issues cost the program millions of dollars and are in part responsible for this train wreck?

What Does Bobby Petrino have to do with this?

I find it interesting that some of you think that one or two guys on the BOT can block a hire. That’s not how it works.

The BOT did nothing to block the hire of Lane Kiffin. Jimmy played OM against us and Lane decided he wanted that job instead of ours. That simple.

Exactly what happened.

Problem is we didn’t have a solid back up plan. I agree lane chose what he thinks is better talent pool to work with. That I get.

What I don’t is that of all the head coaches and folks out there our best fallback is a 58 year old ol coach