Remember the Little League player who comforted the pitcher who hit him?

The video of that went viral last week. It was probably hard to miss that story, but here is video of it in case you did:

It turns out that Jalen Battles is his favorite player, and he got to meet him, at least virtually. Such a cool story.


Just saw this and came over here to post…glad you had already put it out there.

Really makes you proud as a Razorback fan. This is how you “pay it forward” with young players who follow you.

Good on you, Jalen!


Awesome. Wizard nailed it.

Maybe that kid will become good enough to be a Hog in a few years. LLWS starts tomorrow, I enjoy watching it and as soon as it’s done, it’s college football.

DVH needs to offer him the first scholarship for the class of 2030(?) !

Now that was great….thanks for posting…very heartwarming and great that JB came on!

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Wow the look when he actually realized Jalen was there. Priceless.
Great job by all there to make that happen.

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