Remember the 3 D’s?

From Eddie Sutton?
They were printed on the practice uniforms


How are we doing with that?

As someone who was on the staff of both Coach Sutton and Coach Richardson, the worst thing you do is to believe there is only one way to do something.

I was a 3D guy, but quickly realized there were different ways to win, especially as the rules begin to change.

Arkansas certainly has more discipline off the court than on it under Coach Anderson, just as it did under Coach Richardson.

But organized chaos and talented players who fit the system brought Arkansas its only national championship and a win away from two in a row.

It’s obviously not working well on the court now.

Dudley I agree with you completely.

But in no way did I mean to imply that the 3 D’s have anything to do with style of play.

The key phrase you used was “ORGANIZED chaos”. There was method to the madness. And I do know that everyone on that team knew their roles and they invested themselves in it fully.

And I may be way off base here, so it’s a question and not an accusation…
But I wonder if our guys (and maybe I should say this generation in general) really hate to lose. There are so many kids making “business decisions” with eyes on pro sports, that I wonder if they have the burning desire to win. Football players skipping bowl games, the wave of transfers, etc

It just makes me wonder

Dudley I like the point on organized chaos? At this stage in Gafford’s how much playing time would he have been given on the Championship team?

I assume he would get Darnell or Lee minutes because one of them wouldn’t have been here if he was.

Having seen all of the current players after games, I have no problems regarding their will to win and that it hurts them to lose.

The rules changes has a lot to do with that, also we had more physicality with those teams. We didn’t get pushed around much after Nolan got the MEN he needed.Failing to adapt the game plan for today’s game, hand checking, tv timeouts and such in my opinion has hamstrung MA coaching scheme’s. I don’t think we will ever be any better than what we’ve seen out of MA over the years, which the really good teams are to far and few between them. WPS

I’m sincerely glad to hear that.