Remember that ESPN simulation that had us 5-5?

The first step was beating Moo U at Stankvomit. Check.

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Who was drinking Old Crow tonight?

Not me! Evan Williams’

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Just remembered. I got a bottle of Basil Hayden’s a skiing client from KY gave me last year. I am pulling the cork right now.


Damn, that went down so gooood! Here is another to Odom and those kids playing defense for the Hogs, like Hogs are suppose to play defense.

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Time to celebrate and just enjoy it - evaluations tomorrow

Cheers and Go Hogs Go!


Those five are gettable. Not going to win all 5 obviously. But they could beat Ole Miss and Mizzou I think, and then two weeks to prepare for A&M? I think 4-6 is very doable. Tennessee may prove to be too tough.

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I agree except - injuries

This team is thin - not sure we can hold up over the next few

Also we now know the oline is still a work in progress - they stay healthy - I expect they will be a decent line going into the last third of the schedule

I had planned on a single malt, but wife decided at the last minute she wanted red wine, so I got most of a bottle of cabernet. It got better and better as the bottle emptied.

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Started with a special single barrel Buffalo Trace…but once I polished that off I had to move to Elijah Craig 18 yr.

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My in-game libation was a jamocha shake from Arby’s. Hey, I had to be at work at 8 a.m. today. But it wasn’t a bad milkshake.

I had a shot of Gentleman Jack. Nice to take the edge off the nervousness.

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My Coke Zero gave me plenty of caffeine which I crave way too much.

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