Remember NCstate's true freshman pitchers that pretty well ----------------

------------------- shut us down in the Super Regional? At the time, I was wondering why we did not have recruits like that. Fast forward almost a year and, taaadaaaah, we got us some. Tygart and Smith are carrying a big load now for us and doing well. We got Slavens, Turner, and Lanzilli starting to hit better with good power. If we can get Robert Moore out of his slump, we might start peaking at a very good time in the season. Robert has hit the ball hard but with a lot of bad luck locations and that pendulum is due to swing the other way. We got Diggs starting to hit well at DH and Leach hitting well as a pinch hitter. This team might just finish on a very high note. Go Hogs.

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None of those NC State freshmen who threw the final two days last year were true freshmen. Highfill, Willadsen and Villaman were all on the team in 2020. They were classified as freshmen last year because of the extra covid year, but they were really sophomores.

So, ours are playing this well as true freshmen so that is lots better. Right?

I don’t know if they are pitching better, but I think what Smith and Tygart are doing this year is really rare to see from players their age. Not only is Smith a freshman, but he is the youngest player on the team. Whether a player is young or old for his class is something coaches and scouts evaluate. If all other things are equal, a high school senior pitcher who is 17 years and 11 months is probably going to be considered to have better potential than one who is 18 years and 9 months.

Peyton Pallette was young for his class. When he committed, one of his coaches told me his metrics were not as good as some of the players in his age group, but that he might turn out to be better than all of them. That has turned out to be a pretty true statement. Unfortunately because of his injury, we have a limited sample size on which to evaluate Pallette.

Tony Vitello told me once that he thinks one of Dave Van Horn’s best traits is the ability to recruit players who project to be late bloomers. They aren’t necessarily on draft radars out of high school, but become big prospects in college.

I recall Nick Schmidt doing well as a true freshman. I also recall Scott Tabor doing well as a true freshman. Both were starters as true freshman and had great years. It just does not happen much.

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