Remember Lou Holtz saying he would never want to be the coach to replace Woody Hays............

…I think he went on to say he would wait for that coach (who had no chance to meet everyone’s expectations) to fail and then he would want the job. Is that what happened to Long? As soon as he began to do things differently with different types of people than his legendary predecessor had hired, resentment began to build. The fact that Frank vigorously supported Long probably held off the Long Haters and the timing of Frank’s death AND the bad season and a half in football just “unleashed the hounds” after Long’s head. If the Springdale powers were also getting messages from Malzahn that he would be open to coming, that would have given them the will and the way to exploit the unleashed Long-Haters. Based on reading between the lines of official and unofficial statements so far, this kind of makes some twisted sense. That is if firing one of the top five Athletic Directors in the nation can make any sense at all.

Long has left the athletic department and facilities in much better shape than they were when he arrived. A less qualified AD with more local political skills can probably do OK if the football team can play better.


Any time you follow a legend in any job it is difficult, very difficult. I am surprised Frank’s replacement lasted this long. Even the next guy will still be in Frank’s shadow (but not as much).

The advantage for the next AD will be that Long was in his job for 9+ seasons. That will help some forget about JFB.

Agreed. Plus Long is leaving the facilities and organization in much better shape than he inherited. The new guy can blame Long for necessary changes that some folks don’t like but also reap their benefits. If they can find someone with Arkansas roots or equivalent PR skills, he just has to be sharp enough not to screw things up too bad and he will be beloved for a very “long” time. Pun intended. :slight_smile: