Remember Kyree Walker

That boy finally decided on something. Good for him.

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He might be as old as half the league now

What has he been doing all this time?

Hopefully making a plan for when he doesn’t get drafted.

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I think he has just been following the advise of his mentor, Lonnie Davis.


I’m not real sure who Lonnie Davis is, but I think we dodged a bullet there. That kid has lockerrom cancer written all over him.

I wish him the best but I just can’t imagine him getting picked.

Lonnie Davis was a DL recruit years ago. On this board ole Lonnie turned into a big joke. He was from Florida and committed to Florida State. Don’t think he ever played a down. His name is used now to make fun of some recruits…

Lonnie Davis is a legend - in his own mind.

Apparently I still have a lot to learn, LD. I’ve never heard of Lonnie Davis and I’ve recently been schooled on Michael Dyer and KYSO too. I’m like a sponge, soaking it all up. :sunglasses:

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LD Lonnie was a second team All MEAC Tight End at Elizabeth City State a few years ago. And I bet you didn’t even know that Elizabeth City had gained statehood. Most of us had never heard of a secret commit until Lonnie’s recruitment. I have always considered Lonnie and Larry Johnson as honorary Razorbacks because of the impact they have had on this board.

Learn something new every day! So true on Larry & Lonnie lighting up this board. :joy:



One point of correction on Lonnie though LD. He was second team All CIAA not second team all MEAC. The year was 2006. I’m guessing Lonnie’s recruitment was playing out around 2001-÷2002.

Thanks DD. Fixed it.

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