Remember Jackson Rutledge?

Looks like he’s headed for an early round pick in this year’s MLB draft. … versation/

With his size and arm strength, Rutledge has always been a high draft prospect, even in high school. He has had a really strong year at San Jac because he is finally throwing strikes. He is committed to pitch at Kentucky next year, but I don’t think he’ll make it there. He’ll be drafted this year and go pro.

Too bad he couldn’t get it together here

Another example of a great arm and talent that was just simply wild! I hope he gets drafted and head out!

Not surprised the only thing holding him back was command.

The thing that was strange that in the fall when he first got here, he could locate his breaking ball for strikes. Not his fast ball. In the spring, he could not throw the breaker for strikes. His fast ball was 95-98, but it was straight. They will hit that. So he couldn’t get anybody out. If he threw breaker, he walked them. And, they would sit on fast ball and crack it. Can’t get by with just one pitch, especially if it is straight.

Would you say that’s his issue as well, no breaker?

There was a breaker in high school and in the fall at Arkansas. I have no idea if he has a breaker in JC now. But, pro scouts will take someone who throws 98 and think, “We will teach him the breaker and let him pitch in the minors until he’s got it.”

Clay, I can see how you missed this; but if you will look at the subject line of Leigh’s question, he was asking that about Cronin.

I’d say that’s an issue for Cronin. But it’s not the same as Rutledge. Not close. Rutledge threw a straight fast ball. Cronin’s has incredible spin and rises, or he can cut it. Not the same deal. Cronin is working on a breaker. Eventually, he’ll have to have that to survive in pro ball. But he’s had it at times in scrimmages and in the bullpen. Hasn’t had it consistently in games. Pro scouts don’t seem to worry about it. They’ll take him now as is.