Remaining spot ??

Could we find room for?

Hudson Henry
Trey Knox
Jadon Jackson
Kendall Young

Doesn’t seem like we have enough room.

We’ve got 18 commits, looking for 22 so all four of those could come as of right now. Of course, there needs to be at least two OL in the mix, too.

The real question is how do we find room\what is the best combination of

Hudson Henry
Trey Knox
Jadon Jackson
Kendall Young
Melvin mcbride
Taurean Carter
Jalen Catalon
The other OT from Lackawanna
The new LB from Memphis

My hope is they find a way to take 25 and somehow land the top 7

My guess would be if all of those guys committed…CCM would find a way to make the numbers work! Those are some STUDS and you can’t let them walk if you can avoid it. CCM majored in math…I bet he can make the numbers work themselves out lol.

You can’t sign more than 25.

So they can’t take all of them.

We can’t sign any early enrollees and count them back? This is assuming the 85 number would eventually allow it.

We could do that if the 85 thing didn’t get us. Ole Miss is on probation and has 28 commitments. Now that is confusing! ghg

Coach Morris has made it clear that he will have them at 85 when all is said and done.

He has mentioned 19-22 scholarships, but it’s our understanding that will get to 23 and if enough people were to leave the program, it would get to 25.

But according to the coaches, there are none to count back. That also has to do with people graduating in December and opening up a spot.

This also is where those blue shirts come back. They count in 2018 in terms of counting as it has been explained to me.

My guess would be…

• Hudson Henry
• Trey Knox or Dylan Wright
• Melvin McBride
• Taurean Carter
• Jalen Catalon (if he wants to come)
• Kendall Young or another LB

Another OL via graduate transfer

I’m just not sure what is in Jadon Jackson’s head. He tells me he is fine with being an ATH, but I’m not sure I buy it.

How can Ole Miss have over 25 commits if you can only sign 25?

I believe it has something to do with the Rebels/Blackbears/Landsharks getting scholarship backs for next class and being able to count some back.

Sounds like a problem but a really nice problem to have in early August

Just playing w the 247 calculator, if your guesses are close, this would seal the deal for a top 20 class.

The other part of this is the possibility of decommits. There are some in this class that are definitely more committed than others. Chances are we don’t have the same list of commits and signees when it’s said and done. Hopefully they don’t come from the already-thin units.

They sure didn’t get the death penalty, did they? LOL ghg

Blueshirts and greyshirts. There will be some that don’t sign in Dec. and Feb.

How is that “fair” if they can make up numbers they lost in having scholarships reduced? I know all schools can have blueshirts or greyshirts (though I thought there was talk of eliminating at least one of those), but it would seem that scholarship reductions should mean a school cannot make those up in the immediate years that follow.

I would assume OM has told certain kids. If not, some of the kids need to starting asking.

what’s the point of punitively taking away scholarships if they can just back count them later?

all I know is we better get some really good OL in here or we going to be in trouble! losing 3 after this yr…Don’t understand why we aren’t getting highly rated OL in here…