Remaining SEC schedule

We have 6 SEC series remaining. Sitting at 11/0, Tenn has a commanding SEC conference lead. We are at 8/4 right now. It will take a major Tenn collapse for us to catch them. That situation aside, what do you think we have to do in these remaing 6 series to win the West division.
If we can win the remaining series and go 12/6, that would give us a 20/10 record. We will have some tough series ahead, but we have a talented enough team to win the rest of the them. Especially if our starting pitching settles in and our hitting heats back up. Maybe we can even get a few sweeps mixed in.

well us screwing around in Fla this weekend and giving away games to Miss st and Mizzou has allowed LSU and Auburn to be 7-5 and breathing down our neck LSU swept Miss st in Starkville and are starting to get good pitching so they will be a handful next weekend bc they hit the ball better than Fla.

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I agree. Out of the 6 remaining series, all but one is against division foes.
Auburn has been the surprise to this point. Alabama only has 5 losses as do several others. Alabama is on the verge of giving Ole Miss their 8th loss. LSU is always a tough out. I really don’t know what kind of team Ta/m has. Vanderbilt is a question mark as well.

I was going to mention Alabama is up on Ole Miss in the 7th, 4-3. If they hold on, they’ll be right with LSU and Auburn at 7-5.

Yeah I forgot about them and Tam is 6-6,nobody to blame but ourselves! we let them back in it and now are going to have a heck of a time holding onto the lead…We better kick it in high gear starting Now!!

They are saying that Alderman, of Ole Miss, hit that HR 481’!! Did have some assistance with the wind.
That HR brought OM to within one run of Bama.
4/3 in the bottom 7th

he can hit a mile strong as an ox

LSU’s batters, 1 thru 5, have nothing lower than a .324 BA!!
Hope all three of our starters are on top of their game!

I have a good friend who’s an LSU fan and I watch a good bit of their games so me and her can talk about it. They are way more aggressive at the plate than we are. You put a good pitch in the zone against them and they’re going to try to crush it and a lot of times they don’t miss. Barry and Joebert in the middle of their lineup are as good as any in the country. They do not have a very good pitching staff and are very poor on defense. This may be a weekend where we have to outscore them, hopefully our bats will be consistent the entire weekend and not just one game like it has been lately it seems like. We have to start getting into our A game starting right now because we’ve got a brutal stretch of games coming up with teams that are right on our tail in the conference.

Yep. There are a lot of teams below us that if you don’t bring your A game, could beat you. I haven’t seen Auburn play but I know they are playing well. Alabama is playing tough and has shown some HR power. Defense and good pitching is gonna determine the rest of these series. Hitting is obviously gonna be inconsistent but with our power we always have a chance to out score anyone. We just have to be more consistent and come thru with hits with runners in scoring position.
We’ve got some hitters that are definitely not producing to their capabilities. Moore is the first one that comes to mind. He’s hitting.209 in SEC play??
Slavens has hit the ball better lately, but he’s at .200!
We only have two players hitting over .300. And thats barely over.
There are teams below us that have pitching and defensive issues, but can hit the baseball. We can’t take any of them lightly.
DVH is one of the elite coaches in baseball, which I personally believe is the best in the game. I have all the confidence in the world in his ability to get us back to Omaha and eventually win a championship.
Our players are just gonna have to execute to their best of their abilities.
We’ve got the coach that can get it done, and we have the team that can do it. We’re still leading our division for a reason. We are better than all the teams below us. We just can’t afford not to play like it.


It varies a bit from season to season, but I usually look at it this way.

Assuming a “normal” pre-SEC non-conference season (maybe lose 2 or 3 games coming into conference play), 14 conference wins gets you into the NCAAT as an at Large team on the road.

17-18 SEC wins and you’ve got a good chance to host a Regional.

20 or more wins and you’ve got a good chance to be a National Seed (Top 8, in line to host a Super). That’s also what you need to have a decent chance to win your division.

Normally going to take 21 or 22 wins to compete for the overall SEC crown. This year, with what Tennessee is going, probably 25 or 26.

It was great to win the SEC West, overall and SECT titles last year. But, especially after that baseball bat to the front teeth (NC State) last year, I’m MUCH, MUCH more concerned with peaking at the right time and getting back to Omaha. If we happen to win some SEC honors along the way, all the better. But I’m not really too concerned about it.

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Agree. To me it’s all about Omaha & winning as many as possible there. I’m so ready to win a CWS. We’ve been too close too often & fallen short. We were the best team in college baseball last year. Clearly better than MSU. Yet MSU got the big trophy. I want that to be us this year.

I’d like to think TN could falter just as the NCAA begins. That could happen, but they’re not just winning, they’re winning easily against top notch competition. Pisses me off.

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