Remaining recruiting slots

IMO here is the way Arkansas fills the six remaining spots, assuming everyone committed will sign with Arkansas.

1 QB (KB)
2 OL (M Cunningham, D Rathcke)
1 LB (Chris Russell)
2 DB (D Bush, G Brooks)

I’m counting M Miller as OL/DL.

My guess

QB/Best player - which could be OL

Dudley what are the chances Wilkins flips to us?

I don’t think they are good at all.

I can’t rule anything totally out in recruiting, but don’t see it happening right now.

Once he’s don’t with his sooner coach it could be possible. That’s the one that has in my opinion got him interested in OU to start with.
It would be nice for him to go to the hill.
About like the hogs chances of beating LSU.

As for the open spots left and the needs of the team I hope for
3 OL
1 QB. Kelly Bryant
2 DB

He was pandering for “likes” to visit weeks ago, back when Cleveland had a head coach. I don’t think he’s interested, and I don’t think we are if he is committed to OU.

latest article on him sounds like he’s still very interested and talks to all our recruits…time will tell. … ssion=true

To best of my knowledge Arkansas coaches haven’t been to see Wilkins play during this evaluation period. IMO, if Arkansas believe there was any real interest on Wilkins part, Coaches Morris, Craddock and Fry would fire up the copter and drop in to see him play.

Add one more open remaining slot with Stone’s de-commitment!

Would like to see a graduate transfer or two, if the right fit. Hopefully Center or Linebacker. Maybe a safety.

We need a consistent snapping center badly. The last game was better than earlier in the year but was still scary at times. At least there weren’t any snaps rolling on the ground back to the quarterback.

Having a quality grad transfer center would allow Ty Clary to redshirt a year, play in four games still to. I think he could do the job but, he really needs an extra year of development.

Ty will be a junior this coming season, I doubt he wants to redshirt, you shouldn’t have to redshirt a junior.

You shouldn’t have to. Yet, we are still here with no one who can consistently snap the ball. He needs a red shirt year to develop physically and as a center. It would be best for his development and the program.

The way I see it, personally, is if the thought of a redshirt year is needed when the player is a junior, it’s best to just not. If they don’t have what it takes after 3 years in the program, it’s best to just let them phase out.

Find someone who can. He should be fully developed physically by his junior season.

Some take longer to develop. Clary was thrown in way too early, before he was even on scholarship. Think of Juco players who aren’t ready yet. Each year of development you would hope there is improvement. Think of the difference between a players junior and senior year, or senior year and rookie season of professional football. One extra year could go a long ways. He probably won’t be redshirted but, if we had a grad transfer and had that option we would have the center position hopefully set for three years. It at least gives you time to recruit a center you want.

If we get a grad transfer, still need a back up center.

He could play 4 games. Offensive lineman don’t rotate. He could still be the back up center.

Don’t agree at all l, only grad transfer I want is KB, Any other position would be a waste, for a scholarship for one year. Our best OL, have been straight out of high school, minus Sebastian Tretola. One scholarship for a grad transfer is enough. What do you do after that year, start over? Clary,is getting better every game, another spring camp, and fall camp he will be ready.

It is showing signs of improvement and stacking good years on good years. We could have 35-40 freshman next year on a roster of 85. That is not a recipe for improvement. We are losing 3 starters on the o-line. The difference between 3-9 next year or 7-6 is the difference in recruiting. You put the best team you can on the field every year regardless of anything else. If a grad transfer can come in and be an All-SEC performer why wouldn’t you take that. How many games would we have won last year without David Williams? It gives depth and allows you to begin to form the roster you want without having to reach on a project recruit just for numbers.