Remaining candidates I am fine with

Who knows how this will go now. One thing for you, you can’t believe rumors. Grown men change their minds, that’s for sure.

From the moment Mike Leach was even mentioned, I admit that scared me onto the Gus Bus. “Anyone but Leach” I have said many times. (And I am mad at myself for getting onto the GusBus even for a few days. Talk about rationalization. I have always liked his brand of offense. And Clay’s post about him helped me. But I have also always said I knew people that can’t stand Gus. Now…it will be easy for me to go back to pilling against him every game. Forever.). Add Kiffin to that list for me. Personally, I do count integrity, class, honor, kindness and all of those things important in who is coach. And by kindness I don’t mean someone that never gets intense in practice. I just mean a basically kind person. Which Petrino was not.

Of the remaining people mentioned, I did a great deal of reading about Chad Morris. He’s a slight risk if you ask me. But I will support it. He is obviously a gifted offensive mind. He runs a variation of Gus’ system. made Clemson’s offense into what it is. Like Malzahn, he was a legendary coach in the HS ranks. In Texas no less. Norvell is a similar risk, but I also support him for the same reasons. Offensive mind. Variation of Gus’ system. His team was awesome this year. Though Fuentes but that program. Let’s be honest.

I don’t understand why Charlie Strong isn’t a stronger candidate. He’s won everywhere he’s ever been except that cesspool of a program in Austin. The Hog’s real weakness in recent years has been on the DEFENSIVE side of the ball. He’s take care of that. And just as many say “get an offensive coach and a great DC,” that can work the opposite way too.

And, Charlie is from Arkansas. For those to whom that was important in going after Gus…is it not important if you aren’t an offensive guy?

Anyway, I am fine with any of those three.

Please, though…I repeat. Let’s learn the Petrino lesson. No one with a track record of being an ass.

then you don’t want Charlie Strong if you have learned from Petrino. He was involved in some sort of affair with a prominent booster’s wife and Louisville that led to a high profile divorce of which he was subpoenaed to testify at while the coach at Texas. Lets just say it settled.

Charlie has issues too. I would rather go Morris or Norvell than bring Charlie to town.