Remainder of Schedule 6-3!

We are 1-2 after three games with 9 to play. Looking at the remaining teams after four weeks, I think we can win 6 and lose 3 over the balance of the schedule assuming the staff gets the glaring problems of the first three games fixed and injuries do not derail the plan. Oline is the key concern.

The 6 wins are: New Mexico State, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Coastal Carolina, LSU, and Missouri. South Carolina has injuries issues and LSU has depth problems on O and D lines. Mississippi is not as good as TAM. That means we have to win three SEC road games–Carolina, Ole Miss and LSU We should be competitive with Carolina and Ole Miss. LSU has line issues but still has better talent than we do. LSU is the swing game in my assessment.

The losses are Bama, Auburn (home game), and Miss State (home game). That would leave the record at 7-5 and with a must win bowl game would finish the year at 8-5 . Most people would take 8-5 after the past 4 major conference games. I suspect the Bama and Auburn games will stoke the internet fires as both defenses look too strong for this Ark. team.

The staff has to fix the oline situation to protect AA or the season is over now. I have not idea if they can do it but clearly their jobs are on the line to figure it out asap.

I predicted a 6-6 preseason record but after seeing this team compared to rest of league I think we can still get there . I also know we could end up winning 4 games as well. I thought the TAM game was Coach B’s biggest since at Arkansas and the press conference seemed to underscore that. If he can get to 8-5 after the past four games, he will have done a good job and 2018 is safe .
Looks like there will large number of coach turnover in SEC this year–TAM, Ole Miss, Tenn, Mizzou, Auburn? Ark?

Hmmmm. I hope you’re right

I still think that LSU has the interior offensive and defensive linemen to cause Arkansas to struggle.

But I don’t put it past that to be an upset since the current staff seems to have one in them each year.

Mississippi State appears much better at home than on the road, but Nick Fitzgerald’s running is a bad match-up for Arkansas.

I was not impressed with South Carolina’s win over Louisiana Tech yesterday, although they are to be given credit for making two big plays on the game-winning drive that led to the field goal.

The other games you mentioned as wins should be wins. If they are not, well…

Updated for Vegas betting lines this a.m.

Ark +16 1\2 over New Mex St. Fayetteville
Tam +10 over. South Carolina. College State
La Monroe +11 over Coastal Carolina Monroe
Auburn + 9 1\2 over Miss State. Auburn.
Bama +28 over Ole Miss Tuscaloosa
LSU +19 1\2 f over Troy. Baton Rogue
Mizzou. open date

Here is what is shown on the ESPN MATCHUP PREDICTOR based on who the experts feel will win each game (based on %)

NMSU 13.9% ----- AR 86.1%
@USC 69.8 ----- AR 30.2
@AL 96.9 ----- AR 3.1
AUB 80.0 ----- AR 20.0
@OM 60.6 ----- AR 39.4
CCU 4.9 ----- AR 95.1
@LSU 83.7 ----- AR 16.3
MSU 76.6 ----- AR 23.4
Mizzou 19.2 ----- AR 80.8 … =400933931

Based on these indicators, it suggests a 4-8 record with 2 wins being vs FCS (I am assuming CCU is FCS in football, but not sure).

I was told either FAMU or Coastal (forgot which one was said) is in their first year of FBS.

Coastal is the FBS newbie, having just joined the Sun Belt. FAMU is and will remain in FCS, along with the rest of its league, the MEAC.

Coastal is the FBS newbie, having just joined the Sun Belt. FAMU is and will remain in FCS, along with the rest of its league, the MEAC.

Thank you for the clarification…

Hawgcotton, you are a breath of fresh air… I don’t believe 6-3 for a minute, but thanks for sharing how we might get there.

In my view, we will be fortunate to win 5 games. Missouri would be one I think we can win at home. We can pick another SEC win off somewhere, surely. The offense is decent this year…not as good as last, but we did score 43 against the Aggies. The defense has got to play better, along with the special teams coverage. Every time we have kicked off in the Bielema era, I hold my breath. We give up 40-50 points and 500-600 yards so often it is just depressing.

I hope we can get the younger kids to improve as we go along, the defense starts to play better, and the special teams do a decent job. Enos will coach the offense to enough points to win most games, but the other 2 facets of the game, defense and special teams must improve. I hope Bielema can coach these guys to get 6. He will stay, I bet, if he does.
Less than 6, he is asking for trouble.

I’ll take Alabama +28 all day everyday and twice on Sunday.

You need to replace + with -

I saw the Espn match numbers as well. I would only say to use caution as those numbers show roughly that South Carolina and Ole Miss are equal teams compared to Ark as are Auburn, LSU and MSU. As we see when games are played like MSU and LSU there can be differences. The only two teams in SEC that I do not think Ark can beat on any given Saturday at this point in time are Bama and Ga.

I think Ark will get the line issues fixed enough to give AA more time (mainly because they have more options to do so but their decision making can be fairly questioned the past two years). It is clear coaches were trying different things in the game to that end. The defense has been hurt by injuries but IF they can keep big plays down like during TCU game , we have chance as most of the teams on the schedule will struggle making mistake free long drives to beat us. It would be helpful to keep getting more turnovers and more third down stops.

Special teams --no hope there after four years of waiting and wanting improvement it is clear this staff organization including head coach is not getting this area done so that puts more pressure on the O and D.

Finally , I like Coach B as representative of program AND I like way recruiting has improved past two years—no doubt to being here four years to develop relationships with high school coaches. Hate to start that over. Wins are below expectations and way we lose is also unacceptable. Mainly my outlook is that this will solve itself over next nine weeks regardless and that is too long for not supporting the school I have an emotional attachment too and the players who deserve our support when you listen to their comments after these games. SEC is hard league for on job learning and lacking enough players–esp the West although the movement is moving toward the East this year.

And New Mexico State and Idaho are in their last year of the Sun Belt. New Mexico State made the decision to remain FBS and compete as an independent. Idaho is dropping to the FCS next year.

Yep. The favored team is -. The underdog is +.

You are correct on the signs, I just chose to list how much the team was expected to win by rather than cover. Nevertheless Bama will cover the Ole Miss game similar to the Vandy game. Sure the Black Bears would like to be the favorite . Didn’t mean to confuse the board with signs.

South Carolina will be the game where this team has to take a stand and gain some momentum. Their offense isn’t that great without Deebo, although I’m not terribly confident that our O is a lot, if any, better than La Tech’s. If we lose that one and then take probable hits against Bama and Auburn, I don’t see us winning 2 of 3 against @Ole Miss, @LSU, and MSU. It could get ugly. If we play well at USC, maybe we can get something going against Auburn at home and make a run in October and November.

I agree with this - beat Carolina and it gives you a fighting chance to accomplish some things on the back end of the schedule.

What does a loss mean? A 5th straight loss against P5 schools with Alabama and Auburn on deck. Yikes

5 wins. Dumpster fire. Retain BB. Apathy.

BTW I’m a La Tech fan and have been watching their progress on O with encouragement after replacing their QB and two NFL receivers. They can run it well with two quality backs, and their young QB can make every throw. They have a deep threat. That’s not meant to insult our improving O. I just wouldn’t take USC not stuffing La Tech as an obvious sign of weakness at that end.

What happened to them against Miss St? That score was unexpected to me given how competitive Tech has been in recent years.

Whatever you have been drinking to suggest we are going to close this season out 6-3 you need to start drinking coffee quickly. If the defense don’t start playing real defense and play with an edge we may not win another game giving up 50 points a game ! I don’t like the run defense at all. It blows my mind on 3rd and 4 we play soft coverage to allow our opponents to pass for a first down. Heck teams can run for 3or 4 yards anytime they want too.
The scheme has changed but the results may end up just as miserable as last year.
Special teams play will cause us to receive more beat downs this year as well. Our only hope is to be able to outscore a team period.
Bend don’t break. I hate to hear that reference when defense is being defined.

I want to see some results on the field. Against SEC opponents