Relying on 3 ball as offense not smart ball

Will take the win against a bad team on the road.

But playing anyone decent and running an O over relying on 3 balls will get you killed eventually.

Especially on road vs Florida and South Carolina and auburn.

Got to develop more balanced half court O with better screens and inside/outside ball.

Can’t rely on lucky 3 balls.

They won, but let me say this…

Take a breath and enjoy the win for a few seconds

Enjoying the win against a bad team.

But my expectation for Arkansas is NCAA tournament or bust.

Popular these last many years to lower program expectations,

I can’t do it.

Good win. But get ready for South Carolina. They did rely on the 3 during the run but they did so some motion to the hole. Need to establish Moses down low. Need to have some offensive rebounds

Arkansas is 12th in the SEC in 3PAs per game despite 6 players shooting over 35% from the arc in SEC play. Taking more treys is a welcome sign to me. Don’t force treys but take the open ones in the flow of the offense. Considering that our frontline is generally shooting under 50%, we haven’t been creating good looks. After Dusty went off we got some bunnies under the basket. Spreading the floor is a good thing. 47 point halves that invert a 9-point deficit are a good thing.

I hear you.

But on the road against good Ds, you have to take high percentage shots so chance at least to go to line.

Very few teams win against good teams on the road jacking 3s.

Got to play smart half court O down the stretch.

If I’m critical of Mike, it is our half court O.

Just hopeful for some real balance on the road against south Carolina, Florida and auburn,

Got to do enough to make NCAA!

For arkansas I think it is exactly the opposite of what you suggest for success.

We should do more of what we are good at and less of what we aren’t. I believe this is why we start slow and get behind. We think we have to be traditional, follow common thinking and feed the post, which for us is a low percentage shot and Moses doesn’t get enough free throws to warrant the chance we take.

We should take as many good look threes as possible. We should go for the rim when teams over commit and offensive rebound on misses.

We should avoid feeding the post with the intent to score from the paint, but use it for kick backs to shooters or drivers.

I believe the statistics will reveal the more threes we take the better on average.

It seems to me that the best chance for success is to shoot the 3 in order to open up the inside. Some teams just have to go outside-in on offense.

Golden St has little in the way of an inside game, but their outside shooting gets them easy scores in the paint. Same thing for the Houston Rockets… some teams, even in the NBA have to rely on the 3.

We are what we are… I like the look of Barford, Hannahs, Macon, Thomas, and Kingsley. Play a zone on D. get out in transition on O… shoot the 3 as many times as possible. It opened up the inside game last night.

So how do you think Vandy beat us???

Vandy took and made wise open 3’a! They missed those same shots against Missouri and got beat.
The issue for the hogs is hard nose defense! Rebounding. We were lucky to win aginst LSU because we were outrebounsed by 20 ( 50 - 20 ). Rebounding comes down to effort and heart. You have to want the ball.
On offense we get good shots when the ball moves and players are moving. We did that on offense the second half. The last few positions of the game it would have been nice to get a good shot instead of just killing the clock. Although we were trying to run out the clock.
As far as the dance goes it’s in the players hands. They could win out if they play well or they could lay an egg! My hope is 5-1 beating South Carolina. Florida at home will be tough and it’s a toss up they will be coming off a game against Kentucky so that will give us a chance.
Let’s home for a 4 seed in the SEC tournament and 2 wins that our best shot for a birth in the Dance. I would rather be a 11 seed over a 8 or 9 seed in the Dance.
I hope we can start strong against SC and win! WPS!!!

You’re going to have to make jumpers to beat a good team on the road. You don’t win many by grinding it out because the home team is going to get calls. You’re not going to get as many calls on drives. The opponent will usually shoot better at home. O keeps the crowd in their seats. Unless you have a major physical advantage in a game, you don’t shoot like crap and get a win on the road very often.