Everytime Sexton has a role in a coaching search, names are thrown around and rumors are spread. Every. Time. It may be Kiffin, it may not. Everyone has a source that says one thing, only to be contradicted by someone else’s source.

The conference championships will be over tomorrow. No matter what everyone else is posting, rumors will be put to bed tomorrow night/Sunday morning. No need to get yourself in a tizzy in the last few hours.

If it’s Kiffin, HOORAY!

If its Drink, Lunney, or anyone not named Kiffin…HOORAY! This is not anything like the last search. We have a competent AD who will have a solid second choice. We can’t expect him to get his #1 guy everytime. We don’t know what the future holds. All I know, which is very little, is that there is no such thing as a fortune-teller.

We will be ok. Whether its Kiffin, Lunney, Leach, or even Butch, we have the resources to be competitive. Our next coach will not be a used-car salesman.

Please, calm down and wait until the dust settles. I guarantee everything will be alright.


Kiffin to OM per ESPN SEC so Lunney, Drink, Butch, or someone unexpected on the list of candidates.

Surprise hires seem to be HY’s style.

The surprise maybe even mystery candidate it will be.

HY does have a surprise candidate for the job and Hog fans will be happy with the hire i promise you Razorback football will be back big time!

Hogwild1975 now you can’t come on here and tease folks

not teasing i know who it is and you wait and see you will be happy with the hire

Well, you’re the only one besides Hunter Yuracheck

just trust me you will love the new hire i am already excited about it

Is it a name that has been talked about?

maybe or maybe not let it be a surprise and you are going to be surprised i promise you but you will be happy as all the Hog fans will be

Pittman and Lunney don’t excite me

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If you know who it is tell us.

Wise words. Thank you.

Happy to see Coach Drinkwitz’s father posting on our board. :slightly_smiling_face:

I cannot think of anyone in America that would excite everyone but I can name several hires that are going to be negatively received and I think that is where Arkansas is headed. I will hold out some hope that hogwild1975 knows what he is talking about.

My personal frustration starts with the hiring of Morris. They screwed up in the very beginning but then they screw up even worse by firing him when what they should have done is use all that money to hire the best coaching staff possible. It was Morris’ coaching staff that was all screwed up and that was the logical move to make. Oh Morris deserved to be fired but the negative consequences of firing him were just to great especially the negative impact on recruiting. So much money was wasted on paying off contracts so not spending now cannot be reason to hire a quality coach. You do not fire Morris and then turn around and hire a similar coach and you sure don’t promote a guy with no head coaching experience. This is just ugly and I hope that hogwild1975 knows what he is talking about.

We just witnessed Ole Miss utterly fail with the internal “ he loves the helmet” career assistant HC hire, but at least they had the excuse of probation to blame this type of desperation move on.

Surely we are not going to do the same. Pittman would be just as bad in my eyes - no HC experience and again a career assistant.

If you can’t attract a top target than go hire a true up and comer like Drinkwitz with already more P5 and SEC wins in one year than Morris had in five years or veteran, career program builders like Fritz or Holtz.

And provide $ for assistants coaches that are competent and budget to recruit to get the talent to develop

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