relative to our 3 new games

our schedule strength officially sucks per ESPN rankings, 11th in SEC and 49th in the country. Great for Kim Dameron, and yes GA Sou has had its moments in the sun but we are really, really lagging in schedule strength: … dules-2017

I took the abbreviated path to the same facts and reduced it to the SEC and not the whole country as available on ESPN. Our scheduling honchos are sucking, even blaming Meechegan for them wanting to go more prestigious than us for their schedule. BB apologists will have a hard time if he goes 7-5 against the 49th toughest schedule in the country. Hope it is a moot point, but fact is we are not on the high road to strength of schedule being a selling point for our poll or bowl aspirations. Opening with any FCS opponent is awful and not needed.

It is very hard to replace a high-major team on the schedule late in the process. That’s understandable, if you know anything about the lead times involved.

I don’t dispute that, but these games don’t have anything to do with Michigan dropping out. These games were going to be scheduled anyway. The lack of a Power 5 team affects that 11th and 49th ranking.

There is something I’ve noticed; too early to tell if it’s a trend: In addition to FCS teams, Arkansas is scheduling FBS teams that are recently out of FCS. For instance, this year the Razorbacks will play Coastal Carolina in its first year in the FBS and in 2021 will play Georgia Southern, which moved up a couple of years ago. Arkansas is well within its rights to do that, but it won’t help the schedule strength and in years where Alabama and LSU are road games, probably won’t help ticket sales either.

It definitely is a minimal damage scheduling philosophy in hopes the SEC schedule will be enough to push the team into the College Football Playoff should that situation arise.

I doubt if this scheduling problem will keep us out of the college football playoffs. We will have our hands full making a bowl game, probably. Our SEC schedule is a booger. Alabama, LSU, Ole Cheatin’ Miss and A+M all away from home. Last year (2016) the schedule set up great for us…we just blew the 9 win year with the brutal losses to Missouri and Virginia Tech. This year in 2017 the schedule is a tough one in the SEC. Hopefully, we will have a decent defense…I think the offense will be good, very good.

time to put ASU on the schedule

the gap has been closed

its not 1985 anymore

might as well keep money in the state

Even less reason to play ASU now than in 1985. The keeping money in state argument is lame lame lame. ASU is quite capable of supplementing their income with a rent a win game from somewhere else. So it comes down to whether we want to throw them a lifeline. My answer is no.

Why should we force fans to choose between Arkansas and ASU? Because that is what would happen.

How about develop a rivalry? I graduated from ASU, my three kids from the U of A. I couldn’t afford the U of A except for one year at the time, but I am a huge fan. Would love to see those games. The flagship university should not be afraid of little old ASU. Play them and keep that money instate.

Who needs a rivalry with ASWho? One-sided and not interesting.

They aren’t going to play ASU. It is not going to happen. I see nothing that will ever change that in my lifetime. Since I’m old, that doesn’t mean ever.

I have no desire to see any in State school play the hogs in any sports. Michigan gave the hogs a hose job and they knew it. It takes several years to schedule those games and when one is cancelled it won’t come out with a good ending

The games under scrutiny don’t have anything to do with the Michigan game. It’s those other games, besides Colorado State. To be honest, I don’t mind any of those games.