Relationships help Arkansas land Myron Cunningham over OU … recruited/

This is a good read , some salve for the scars this past season left. These boys are getting it done on the recruiting front. Keep it up!! Go Hogs! Getting it done!!!

Doing it without opening up the checkbook.

Morris beat out Oklahoma, Texas and Nebraska for Cunningham, that ain’t chopped liver as Denny Crum used to say. And add Chibueze Nwanna (6-8, 314) today, I think that will bring it to 28 players, when he is planning on adding 29. If he adds another highly rated player to the group, I am going to say, he did what he was hired for this year. Forget the on the field issues, I will be good with that. As far as folks saying it is because of the early playing time promise, I disagree, you don’t get this many highly rated players with playing time promises, you get it by making connections. It looks like the plan is working on the recruiting side. I believe the other side will follow.