Reid Miller to Montana

could be fun and productive

https://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.c … o-montana/

I know one special kid who really loved Montana, perfect match actually. Hope the best for Reid, definitely not IMG. I knew Brandon from his dad being friends with one of my best friends and when Brandon played baseball at Grassland with a godson and then when he played football at CPA which is my Nashville school. Reid and Brandon seem to have a lot of commonality: … 4cee9.html

Tough goes over well in Missoula and I think Reid is full of that.

Wish the kid well. Montana usually has a good FCS program.

He’ll play in one of the most picturesque settings in college football.

Reid knows how to fly fish. He will find some good fishing there.

good luck to the young man

Missoula is a nice place and they love their Griz. I’m probably heading to Seattle in early October. Would be great if I could time my trip to be in Missoula on a football Saturday. All the best to Reid.