Regularly scheduled Chris Beard lovefest...

I seem to recall one intellectually and morally superior poster on this board (you know who) starting a thread during the TT v. Ark. game, chastising us about a “Chris Beard lovefest,” and with a post ending in, “You fanboys may now return to your drooling…”

For the record, Swine, “will do.”

The thread was locked just recently.

I wonder by whom? Funny. Someone may not want others reminding him of how wayward he was.

In before locked

What’s not to like about what he is getting done at TT ? My hats off to him and I hope whoever takes over our program is able to do the same in their 3rd season and continue over a long period ! WPS

he has done in 3 year what we couldn’t sniff in 8 years. coaching does matter.

Gee, Hawgjaw … I wasn’t even on the board yesterday!

I will repeat something I’ve said before.

Over the last several years NOBODY else has been more wrong about Razorback sports than Swine. Take the opposite of what he says/predicts, go to Vegas and bet LARGE, and then retire to the tropical island of your choosing.

Swine Confusion enjoys his role as political moderator

This is just mean. :lol:

Interesting that you keep saying that… yet you haven’t taken your own advice, because you’re still here talking about him instead of sipping margarita’s on an Island. I usually let someone defend themselves, but, you always seem to go out of your way to bash him, so I just wanted to let you know it’s pretty annoying.

And FYI, Swine is a good poster, I enjoy talking to him and reading his opinions, and I’ve seen several others that enjoy talking to him as well. Just like anyone else with an opinion, he’s not always right. Most of our media has gotten things in this coaching search wrong several times, yet I don’t see you going on and on about that.

Also, a final FYI, Beard is still not the coach here, and probably never will, so if you guys wanna drool all over him, I’m pretty sure Texas Tech has picked up some bandwagon fans over the past couple weeks, I’m sure their board is accepting applications.

Newsflash - I put you in the same boat as SwineConfusion and could not care less what you think about me. I’d love to compare my takes the last five years with Confusion on Arkansas football. He might resign his moderator position out of embarrassment if we did.

I know Chris Beard could make Arkansas a great basketball program again. Really poor timing between him and us, over the past few years. Wish it had lined up.

I’ll probably like our style of play under Eric Musselman better, though. Scoring 20-odd points in one half of basketball ain’t my thrill.