Regular-season W/L, SEC W/L, postseason predictions

I’ll go with 19-12 overall, 10-8 in the SEC and an NCAA Tournament appearance.

I’d say 17-15 and 7-11 SEC. No invite. Based because we have only two scoring options.

LOL. They did better than 7-11 in 15-16 when they had 0 scoring options returning, and had to piece together a recruiting class in the Spring. I see people do this every year after we lose players they say oh we’ll be bad because we lost so/so. Players step up and emerge it’s happened every year under CMA. Barford and Macon will score we know that, and there will be other guys like Daniel Gafford, CJ Jones, Darious Hall, Anton Beard etc., that will end up being pretty good as well, and when they leave people will act like we’ll never survive w/o them.

I’m just a little nervous to start off because we have 2 guys out to start the season. But, I think CMA will have them ready and we’ll survive until guys get back.

I’m going 10-3 Non-Conference, 13-5 Conference. 23-8 overall record. 4 or 5 seed in the tournament.

I think you’ll be very close

9-4 non conference. 10-8 conference. NCAA 6 to 10 seed. Conference could be better if suspended players stay suspended or more are suspended because of fbi investigations

I know everyone is excited about the NCAA, and we have arguments every year about this, but I don’t think 19 will get us in. JMO. My personal opinion has always been if AR wins 23 they’ll be in the NCAAT. 19 is bubble, I never like our chances on the bubble

We’ll I think they are assuming we’ll win a game or 2 in the SEC tournament as well. Which would put you at 20 or 21 wins. Which with the schedule this year should safely put us in.

I still think we’ll outperform expectations, CMA does it every year. I know we have some tough mid-majors, but we’re really really tough to beat at home when CMA has a decent team. That’s why I still think we’ll win at least 10 games in non-conference and have a really good home record in conference as well.

Nah, I agreed with your prediction above. I think your numbers are on.

21-10 NCAA bid. 9 seed

If this team wins 20 games in the regular season, they’ll probably be a 7 seed or better. Vanderbilt went 17-14 in the regular season last year, won 2 games in Nashville and was a 9 seed because it had a tough nonconference schedule that included losses to Bucknell, Marquette, Butler, Middle Tennessee and Dayton.

I think Arkansas could easily have an even tougher strength of schedule.

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The Athletic picked Arkansas seventh in the SEC and projected it to make the tournament.

He went Kentucky, Florida, Texas A&M, Alabama, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Arkansas in the field, with Georgia and Auburn on the bubble and Tennessee and Mississippi State in the NIT.

CL Brown has written some interesting stuff, but I do question his research a bit on Arkansas here. He mentions the Hogs lost their top two 3-point shooters, which I assume means he looked at percentages and saw either Moses or Manny shot well. But obviously that was on very limited attempts. He also used Mike’s comparison of Daniel to Bobby, which Mike I think made in reference to both running the floor hard. But I don’t think it’s a good blanket comparison for their whole games. Bobby was way more skilled and polished offensively than Daniel, but Daniel is way more athletic and is also bigger and longer.

Strength of schedule should be very high.