I’ve read that a few times. “We’ve regressed this year.”

Well, yeah, if that means we haven’t (yet) won as many games as we did last season. Just within our own conference, so has Alabama. Texas A&M certainly has. Auburn has. The Clemson of this year isn’t the dominant team of seasons past. Michigan State has.

The point I’m making is that each season stands on its own. There’s nothing to say the level reached in any one season means that will be the floor moving forward. Things happen to make some seasons better than anticipated, some worse. Last season was better than expected, this one (so far) worse.

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Good probability we’d be 7-2 but for inches on a FG and 2 point conversion. No doubt the Oline didn’t show up Saturday for the most part. But the D played well.

You make good points.

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I’m not sure it’s about regression as far as our record–it just seems to me that we don’t play with as much fire as we did last year. Maybe that’s just me.

Based on where our program has historically been in the SEC, I think the implication of your statement will always ring true. Playing in the SEC West, our margin, the difference between winning and losing, is likely to always be paper-thin.

As in, “we finished 8-4 (or 5-7), and but for three plays we would have been 5-7 (or 8-4).”


Sometimes you are the hunter. Sometimes you are the hunted. The goal is always to be hunter and play with a chip on shoulder. I figure they will play mad this week. As they should all the time.


Before the season I predicted 8-4 with a floor of 5-7 and ceiling of 9-3.

7-5 would be a good season in my eyes.


Exactly where I was pre season.

LD, you should market those hype-resistant ponchos…I am afraid that in this state where there is only one major sports story from the end of basketball until Labor Day, football news tends to inflate our expectations beyond reality. No stacked high-quality players in the QB, TE, DB, DL (DE and NG), and LB rooms with only the RB, WR, and OL rooms deemed covered plus facing a devastating schedule, a fair warning flag is required prior to the season. Where we are considering the status of the team now is average to fair. To me, the big issue is not DBs or the OL, but KJs physical well-being. Can he practice, can he exercise leadership and kick butt, can he pass accurately to make use of the quality abundance of receivers we have, and can KJ, as necessary, run without compounding injury? If this occurs plus RS and the OL flushing Saturday’s weak performance, we can win 2 out 3 of the remaining games.

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We’ve had a couple of very close calls. The defensive backfield has been hampered by transfers and injuries and has been just awful. For all of Clark’s football smarts, he is slow, as evidenced by being badly outrun by Liberty’s QB sprint to the edge on one critical play, followed by a TD pass in his coverage area. And now a boneheaded decision by Slusher may deprive us of his services in a critical stretch run. Liberty’s defensive line is absolutely legitimate. Our O-line was not ready to play, spending too much time believing the Vegas line, apparently. And why do we always waste the first two series on exclusively running plays when the opposition knows that’s what we are going to do and we get nothing but 3-and-outs? We have talented receivers. Go ahead and set up the run with the pass early. Establish balance, at least as far as plays called from the outset.

I, too, predicated 8-4, which I thought would be an improvement over last season based on the schedule.

If you had old me we would lose Catalon so early in the season, I would have leaned more toward 7-5 or 6-6.

That leadership and experience on not just the back end, but overall, continues to show up.

I have a feeling that when the KJ fumble completely deflated the whole team and turned the A&M game, that Catalon would have rallied the defense and made a play to shift momentum back.

That being said, injuries are part of every season, and you have to adjust and move forward and someone else must step up.

At this point, all signs certainly point toward regression. I want to see what our effort, energy, and enthusiasm looks like these last 3 games before I say for sure that this season has been a step back

The A&M game will haunt fans for years. Should’ve won.

The team underperforming vs Missouri State and Liberty is ultimately on Pittman but the players have to accept some blame too.

It’s like Bama this year, they’re one of the most penalized teams in the nation. Saban hasn’t changed his way of coaching. Sometimes teams don’t show the discipline they’re coached on game day. The players have to take practice to the game.


There’s enough blame to go around and again that’s why you have to play the game to know the out come. Sometimes the team doesn’t show up for whatever reason, kinda like going out and shooting 80’s something score on your home course and can’t quite figure out why you played so bad. Well that’s what happened to our offense on Saturday but we’re not sure why and everyone has a opinion and knows more than the guy making 5 million. It did not just happen to us it was a common problem on Saturday with some really well thought of teams that flat didn’t show up. If we had came out every game like we did Saturday I’d say yes we have regressed. But when you figure what all we lost after last season due to graduation, portal and injuries this season we may have regressed in experience but not in try or competitiveness as a team. The best thing about that loss is it’s history and we cannot dwell on it as a team or as a fan, LSU is where our focus should be and darn well better be if we don’t want to repeat history with another lackadaisical effort. WPS

This year will end up fine, considering the Hogs will log more than 2 wins! Experience with players in losing Super Seniors, injuries, referring whatever, completely sucks ballz. I love these damn Hogs, and they will come back stronger even next week and better year guaranteed!

For those that want to compare 2021 and 2022, you must do it at the same points in the season. Everyone remembers that we finished 9-4 last year, but seem to forget how we got there.

After 9 games this year, we are 5-4 (2-3 conference). After 9 games last year, we were 6-3 (2-3 conference).

Our 5 wins this year are:
Cincinnati, So. Carolina, Mo. State, BYU, Auburn
Our 4 losses this year are:
A&M, Bama, Ms. State, Liberty

Our 6 wins last year were:
Rice, Texas, Ga. Southern, A&M, UAPB, Ms. State
Our 3 losses last year were:
UGA, Ole Miss, Auburn

If we win 2 of our last 3 (just as we did last year) we’ll finish 7-5, one fewer win than last year.

As Richard said, the A&M game is the one that could end up making all the difference in how 2022 is viewed. Even a win this past Saturday gets your record the same, and I’d argue non-con this year was much harder than last.

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