Regionals start today

Or should I say regional. Because BYU refuses to play on Sunday in anything ever, their regional has to start today, and they got sent to Stanford. (What happens if it rains and they get pushed to Sunday?)

Anyway, the Never-On-Sunday Cougars play Cal Stinking-Fullerton (nah, I’m not bitter about 1979) at 3 p.m. Arkansas time, with the host team playing Sacramento State at 8 p.m. our time.

Everybody else starts tomorrow.

You can play on Sunday and still have your church service. Has their basketball team ever played in Sunday?

Nope. On the occasions they make the NCAAT, they have to be slotted into a Thursday-Saturday subregional as well.

And right on cue, Fullerton jumps out to a 7-0 lead on BYU. I suppose the Cougars might still be around for Saturday if they win the elimination game tomorrow, but not for Saturday night.

What if BYU made it to that winner-take-all game on the final day? Wouldn’t it be played Sunday?

According to the tournament page on the Stanford website, the winner-take-all game could be played Sunday or Monday. Thus if the Coogs made it that far, they’d play Monday.