Regional this year vs. last

I think Arkansas has a much more winnable regional this year than last year. That Missouri State team last season was loaded and included two players, Burger and Eierman, who have already been or will be first rounders. Oklahoma State was also a really good team last year who was too dejected from the Missouri State walk-off home run to beat ORU the next day.

When you look at the teams Arkansas already has defeated at home this year and the consistency with which it has won, this regional does not appear that daunting. If the Razorbacks are going to compete for a national championship, they are going to have to beat teams better than Southern Miss, DBU and ORU, and they have shown they are more than capable of doing it.

Amen Matt…good post! Lose the fear!

Like I’ve said before, Matt, I like the way you think!!
Can’t argue with the logic in your post!
You are absolutely spot on!

Yep. Valid point. You bring a lot to this board, thank you
for your professionalism.

As long as the Hogs have a healthy respect for these three teams, then they should be able to win the regional. They should know after going 0-3 against Mississippi State that any team can pop up and beat you. None of these teams should scare the Hogs, but none of them should be taken lightly.

I agree completely. Plus, I think this team is better top-bottom & in depth of pitching than last year. We dug ourselves a whole losing the second game last year. It’s always harder to win from the losers bracket.

Ironically, though, I’m more worried about winning this weekend than next. I don’t mean in the sense it’s always most important to win what’s next rather than what’s down the road. I mean this format really hurts the team who has one bad game if the bad game is in one of the first two games. Next weekend, however, is just a straight up 2 out of 3. I like the hogs chances of winning two out of three at Baum against anyone. I really like our chances if it’s So Carolina. I just don’t see them winning the series here this year. East Carolina, well, I know nothing about them except they’re the #12 seed, so they must be pretty good.

If it’s East Carolina, we may have our hands full. They have a player named Dusty Baker. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just proud you listed Dusty Baker as a Pitcher! I sure wouldn’t want to see him hit. Most of the players today don’t even know anything about the old Dusty.

East Carolina was 12-9 against teams that made the tournament this season (that includes four games against Campbell and UNC-Wilmington) and won an early-season series at North Carolina.