Regional sites … a-baseball

SEC only got four. AU got left out. I thought they’d sneak in. The story said the NCAA will announce host sites on Tues June 5. That seems strange to me. Does that mean they won’t announce the order of the top 16 seeds tomorrow? Surely not.

Not all of the top seeds will win their regional. Quite possible that two paired seeds both lose. Then they have to figure out who hosts the super.

Okay. That makes sense.

To further expand on SF’s response to you. Barring a scheduling conflict on their home field (which is what happened with Missouri State 2 years ago, which is why we hosted that super), if a top 8 seed wins their regional, they WILL host the Super. If they don’t win their regional, then the committee looks at the two teams that emerge from the linked regionals and makes a decision.

If, for example, we were paired with Texass, they win their regional, we lose, they host, barring some bizarre conflict at Disch-Falk. But if the Aggies won the Austin regional, the NCAA would have to pick a host.