Regional sites just announced

LSU and Ole Miss are hosting. Of course, Vandy, UGA, MSU, and Hogs hosting too.

• Athens, Georgia – Georgia (44-15)
• Atlanta, Georgia – Georgia Tech (41-17)
• Baton Rouge, Louisiana – LSU (37-24)
• Chapel Hill, North Carolina – North Carolina (42-17)
• Corvallis, Oregon – Oregon St. (36-18-1)
• Fayetteville, Arkansas – Arkansas (41-17)
• Greenville, North Carolina – East Carolina (43-15)
• Los Angeles, California – UCLA (47-8)
• Louisville, Kentucky – Louisville (43-15)
• Lubbock, Texas – Texas Tech (39-17)
• Morgantown, West Virginia – West Virginia (37-20)
• Nashville, Tennessee – Vanderbilt (49-10)
• Oxford, Mississippi – Ole Miss (37-25)
• Stanford, California – Stanford (41-11)
• Starkville, Mississippi – Mississippi St. (46-13)
• Stillwater, Oklahoma – Oklahoma St. (35-18)

I’m guessing UCLA, Vandy, MSU, UGA, Hogs as 1-5 seeds. Also guessing LSU and Ole Miss are 14-16. That would pair SEC teams in 2 different Super Regionals.

Vandy vs Ole Miss
Hogs vs Oregon State.

I hope for those 3 pairings!

I’d like to see us paired with the W. Virginia or either of the PAC schools, and it really doesn’t have a lot to do with the level of talent on those teams.

I just don’t think any of the 3 will have played in anything close to the home field environment that Baum-Walker gives the Hogs. Stanford and W. Virginia average less than 2K fans at their home games, and Oregon State’s average home crowd is about 2,800. WVU has been to Austin (where the average crowd is 4,500), but that’s it. TCU averages 4,900, but the two played in Morgantown this season. And - surprisingly (at least to me) - Oklahoma State averages barely over 1,000 per home game! (I left UCLA out because we’re both going to be National Seeds, so we can’t be matched up).

Oregon State has played in Omaha recently (as we know all too well), so they probably would be the least shaken of that group. Otherwise, I think our crowd can be a big factor.

Wiz I would like for Oregon State to come to the Hill for a super! I think our Hogs could put a whipping on them! They are without 3 of those lefties that beat us last year! Of course we are without Blaine Knight and Casey Murphy.