Regional sites come out at 7:30 CT

According to the NCAA website

In order of seeding or just collectively?

Seems to be collectively

Seeding will be tomorrow morning at 11 on ESPNU

Announcement will be on Facebook, Twitter and IG, by the way, for those who are social media-averse.

Then I guess the only real news will be for those teams who are on the edge of hosting. If their city is announced, they’re good. No one doubts about 12 or so of the regional hosts. SEC will get at least 4, probably 5. Doubt A&M gets one. Auburn seems possible. I suppose we’ll be interested if Austin is a site. If not, there’s a good chance they come to Baum.

Is there any chance LSU ends up in Baum?

No chance on LSU

protocol does not allow teams from same conference to play in same Regional.

But for first time this year, with all top 16 being seeded, it is possible for #1’s from same conference being bracketed against each other.

Could happen, too, if Auburn is #16 and Florida is #1

Only in the super. Can’t have two teams from same conference in one regional.