Regional Rules

Can someone please remind me of the rules in place regarding home/road teams? The Hogs and USM were both home teams yesterday, and the Hogs are the higher-seeded team. Why are we in road grays tonight? Is it a coin flip the rest of the way?

I understand that playing at home creates a ton of advantages. But I’d rather have the last at bat. Both Clemson and Stanford were glad to have it last night.

What other restrictions are in place? I noticed no walk-up music yesterday. No RBI Girls and the like. Were the Diamond Dolls on the field? I can’t remember. Does the home team get to use its clubhouse?

I’m sure mods and others go over these every time the Hogs host. Maybe I’ll remember from year-to-year once we get on a hot streak of hosting these suckers.

Yep, no walk-up music & cheerleaders are allowed. I think it’s a coin flip after the first game where the higher seeded team is allowed “home field” last at bat after that. I can understand a coin flip when the two teams have had the same number of home games, but I don’t understand why they do it if one team has had more bottom of the inning bats.

I understand why some of the changes are made. I don’t understand why we can’t always use our own clubhouse, if that’s the case. At least they don’t make us go to a hotel.

The home team is determined by a coin flip the rest of the way. The NCAA loosened up its rules a year or so ago to let the home team always stay in its dugout and use its clubhouse.

As far as the RBI girls and walk-up music, the NCAA’s position is that it would make it feel too much like a road game for the opponent. I think that’s goofy. If you are going to let a team have home-field advantage, let them have their home-field traditions and routines.

Completely agree, Matt. You play 50-something games to have the opportunity to host. You should get all the benefits of home.

PA announcer has to play it neutral as well. Kinda funny hearing Jon tone it down (assume it’s still Jon; haven’t been to a game at Baum in a while).

Yes, it’s Jon Williams.