Regional records

I looked up the records of the four teams in the Fayetteville Regional vs. teams that made the NCAA postseason. It gives you an idea of just how much more battle-tested Arkansas is than every one else. The Razorbacks have played 35 games against teams that made the NCAA Tournament. Southern Miss, DBU and ORU played 36 such games combined.

Here is more: … -arkansas/

Arkansas: 21-14

Wins: Texas A&M (3), South Carolina (3), Auburn (3), Florida (2), Kent State (2), Texas (2), Texas Tech (1), LSU (1), Georgia (1), Ole Miss (1), San Diego State (1), Missouri State (1)

Losses: LSU (3), Mississippi State (3), Florida (2), Ole Miss (2), Georgia (2), South Carolina (1), Kent State (1)

Southern Miss: 6-4

Wins: Mississippi State (3), Florida Atlantic (3)

Losses: Ole Miss (2), Ohio State (1), Florida Atlantic (1)

Dallas Baptist: 7-10

Wins: Texas Tech (2), Oral Roberts (2), Missouri State (1), Oklahoma (1), Oklahoma State (1)

Losses: Clemson (3), Missouri State (3), Oklahoma (1), Baylor (1) Oklahoma State (1), Oral Roberts (1)

Oral Roberts: 3-6

Wins: Oklahoma State (2), Dallas Baptist (1)

Losses: Dallas Baptist (2), Oklahoma (2), Missouri State (1), Purdue (1)

Good work Matt.

Great info. It makes me even more confident of victory.
But baseball is a fickle game.
Analytics dream come true.

Off the top of my head, I didn’t know that DBU and ORU had played a 3 game series. DBU won the series 2-1.

Something to file away, if they play each other, which is likely.