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Posted this morning by Kendall Rogers:

He thinks seven of the eight national seeds are locked down: Florida, LSU, Oregon State, North Carolina, Texas Tech, TCU and Louisville. The one remaining seed is down to Kentucky, Stanford and Southern Miss, depending on final weekend (Stanford has a regular season series against Wazzu; the others have conference tournaments). Obviously, the other two who aren’t seeds are still likely to host.

So that leaves six more regionals. Kendall thinks we nailed down a regional by winning the A&M series. Other likely hosts are Virginia, Wake Forest, Clemson and Long Beach State. The final spot could come down to OU, UCF, Houston, South Florida, Arizona, and, yes, MoState. He had projected OU as a host last week until the Paperclips went 0-2 this weekend vs. Okie Lite. If you go by RPI, Arizona (15) would get the regional, but the Cats are only 15-12 in the Left Coast Dozen. OU has the worst RPI of the bunch at 25. Obviously, RPI numbers can and will change next weekend.
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If we were to win the tournament next weekend you don’t think we could sneak into the number 8 slot? Just asking?

I’ve wondered this myself, but I don’t think so. We’d have to pass a lot of teams. I won’t say it’s impossible, but just not likely. We can improve our situation, though. Our likely opponent in a super won’t be as high up the pecking order if we can scratch up to a number 10 seed or so. I don’t recall what the policy is about pairing teams from the same conference into supers with each other, but I’m sure they’d rather not do it. I’d hate to end up facing UF or LSU on their home fields right now. Of course, by the time you get to a Super, everyone is pretty good.

I don’t think #1’s from the same conference can be paired to face each other until Omaha. Certainly you see Supers matching teams from same conference, but that happens when a 2,3, or 4 wins a Regional.

Makes sense. I bet you’re right.