Regional and Super Regional sites

Have they announced the sites yet? I thought they were going to announce on May 10th.

Heard they had delayed it until later in the week

And then, it’s going to be 20 “finalists”

If they’re narrowing it to 20 finalists, I’d bet they’re picking 20 who are likely going to be the best 16 teams—or at least the best 16 who can or have bid. They’ll throw out teams 17-20 when the season ends.

Yup. They did the same thing with softball, and Bogle Park is one of the 20. They’ll name sites Sunday for that. I bet they’ve already chosen the 16 for softball but just aren’t announcing.

The NCAA said it will announce sites the week of May 10, not on that date. If it is like the softball announcement, I think they will be announced Friday.

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