Reginald Chaney

What a time for him to come on! I’m amazed we’ve done as well as we have with Reggie playing such a minimal role for much of the season. I love Adrio’s energy, effort and attitude, but his Roberto Duran hands of stone thing is killing us. It’s time for Chaney’s talent to take over and Adrio to play a lot less.

Need both. Neither can play an entire game. They have to split 10 fouls on some nights.


Bama just didn’t seem to have highly skilled Bigs…i.e., this was the first time it appeared to me that Chaney looked more than or as skilled and talented than those of Bama’s bigs. He delivered with 11 ribbies.

One of those offensive rebounds late in the game was a man’s RB.

Chaney was amazing on the boards. 11 boards, but even more impressive, 5 of those were offensive boards. He played really tough in this game.

That’s how Reggie played late year at Indiana. He is just starting to get in game shape. He can impact the game in slot of ways. The rebounding he did today needs to continue if we are going to win enough to Dance.

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