Reggie Perry

It was very disappointing when Reggie decommitted but when I watched him last year, it was like maybe he wasn’t a big miss.

Caught the second half of MSU-Georgia game and he looks like a totally different player. What a difference a year of experience makes. He looked totally poised, comfortable on the court and dominated both ends. He is playing like the Top 20 guy he is.

Reggie is averaging 16.4 pts and 10.1 rebounds per game, up from 9.7 and 7.2 last year. Definitely SEC POY candidate. He is a far better version of Nick Richards who controlled the paint Saturday.

Need to get this guy in foul trouble on Wednesday and not let him go off on us.

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Just refer to him as Cash Perry! He got paid! Him getting in foul trouble would help but the hogs need to concentrate on just winking. Last year they sordid so much about Perry it ruined the game. The hogs are a better overall team but this is just a bad matchup just like Kentucky was!

A friend of mine was very close to the Perry situation. He told me 100% Perry’s folks got paid. He says Arkansas was given the opportunity to counter offer and CMA basically said get lost.

Makes me sick just to think about. His post when he committed to us couldn’t have been just made up. I really think the kid wanted to be here. I think his Mom made him make the choice for her selfish reasons.

I often wonder what he told Joe, Sills and Henderson…or if he even said anything to them.

Please understand I am not doubting you. In fact, I am as convinced as I can be without seeing it myself that it is true, but WHY is this not an NCAA matter? I mean it is just common knowledge that it happened. I don’t get it.

Everyone I see that claims that it is true, all say they don’t want to hurt Reggie. If they admit it to the NCAA the kid can’t play anymore (at least in college). I wouldn’t be surprised to see after he graduates that people start telling about it. Just my 2 cents

Here’s something I learned from other college coach’s. I have just a little experience with recruiting, my adopted son played two years of juco and is headed to a D1 school this summer on a free ride.

Its very rare that college coach’s will turn in other coach’s. Some are afraid of the tables being turned on them. But whats really crazy is there is some unwritten rule about not telling. Kind of like not snitching on the streets. I don’t think all coach’s live by that but many do. Cheaters will never turn in other cheaters.

It’s pretty academic with the cash being thrown around like candy that the NCAA don’t enforce rules and furthermore they are gutless! Coaches who cheat get rewarded and plenty of camera time.
Wade, Pearl, Self, Miller at Arizona, Ben Holland and Grease Ball Cal should have all been fired long ago.
The only school I can think of that has taken action on a coach was Louisville.
Of course stripper gate was already on the books so they were ready with the AX when the FBI stuff came out.

Enforce the rules or make it a free market to buy players. Period.


From what I’ve heard many (if not most) times the parents/family/handler gets the $$ and pushes the kid to the $$ paying school. From all reports it appears that could be what happened with Reggie. And pj hit it on the head with his play this year. He’s a stud.

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On the other hand, Reggie’s Mom unintentionally helped Arkansas out by getting Muss to Arkansas. A few more years of waiting, Muss would not have been available to Arkansas.

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