Reggie Perry

The 2018 commitment went to the doctor today and was measured at 6-10. I know some people question heights and weights of kids but, just wanted to pass along.

Oh, the doc also said his growth plates were still open.

So 7ft ain’t out of the question

Shall see. Could just be a half inch or who knows 2 inches.

With shoes? :smiley: :lol:

Hope we can hold on to him. Sounds like his height and stock are on the same trajectory.

Reggie is now the highest rated 4 star. If the trend continues, Perry could be the next McDonalds AA at Arkansas.

This is similar to the route that Bobby took to his 5th star. I believe it was shortly after the end of the AAU season that BP got his bump. Could be the same for Perry if he has a great AAU season.

Playing on a very good Arkansas Hawks team will also help. Those five starters, the Hog Five, play so well together.

Follow him and his mom on twitter and you won’t worry about us being able to hang on to him.

They’re all Hog.

He had 20 pints, 21 rebounds, 8 blocks, 3 steals and 2 assists last night.

Wow, Go Reggie! WPS!! I can’t wait for the kids to get here, The Bud will be rocking once again!

Good info! Thanks!