Reggie Perry playing well yesterday...

as Moo U beat Old Mississippi. Perry, who coulda, shoulda, woulda, been a Razorback had 21 points and 11 rebounds. You know that has to really work on Mike Anderson. Perry is an outstanding talent who would have been playing alongside Daniel Gafford. He is a 6-10 athletic player. We just don’t have anybody like him. Losing him was brutal. He would have been here next year after Gafford left, also…a double whammy.

He just wanted to go live in Starkville, MS and play in Humphrey Coliseum…I think that place leaks when it rains.

But ole Reggie has plenty of $$ to buy rain gear… :shock:

Board rules preclude me from saying what I think of Mr. Perry, his recruitment, or his momma.

He went the Adidas pay for play route. Mike doesn’t cheat. I hope they all go down…wade at LSU and howland too. Shame that those kids get to play and affect our chances when they were bought.

That’s an accurate Cliffs Notes version. And his momma was on Twitter spewing garbage about how MA didn’t show him enough love. Her version of love has Benjamin Franklin’s picture on it.

She said way more than that, she went well over the top. She embarrassed herself so much, I think her family finally got a hold of her and told her to get off twitter, I can’t recall a parent ever doing anything like she did. I’m surprised it didn’t draw more attention nationally, luckily somebody got her off and got those tweets deleted quickly.

I remember she said CMA couldn’t run an offense and nobody wants to play for him
Arkansas didn’t show Reggie enough love and they took him for granted
She referred to the UofA as a plantation and said they weren’t slaves anymore

And it was a bunch more stuff just taking shots at Arkansas and CMA. It was several tweets of her arguing with fans.

If you just read between the lines on everything she was saying, she all but said, that CMA refused to pay them anything and apparently that offended her.

I remember. I was one of the fans trolling her.


I thought about saying something, but it was a mess she was just embarrassing herself. I felt bad for her a little bit to be honest with you could tell she loved the drama and attention, I bet she was the one that originally wrote that commitment letter for Reggie. Although I was happy at the time when he committed, I thought that letter was a little much, I though it was striving for attention. And with Reggie’s personality I couldn’t see him spending all that time writing all that out, he’s more laid back.

Moo U payed him to play well!

I was hoping she would take the bait and admit Howland bought him, but she didn’t quite get there. Would have screenshot that puppy and sent it to UA compliance if she did. But she was embarrassing herself, you’re right.

why is it with all the tecnological advances we have today we can never follow the trail of the money! I mean I watch a lot of crime show tv and you can find pretty much find everything on a cell phone or computer(had to be converstaions I promise you),why were we not trying to identify who paid them?? seriuosly I always here this and it blows my mind,there needs to be all out full scale investigation and stop this crap if it’s happening.

I hope RP gets an earful every time he touches the ball in 12 days. The students may show him the money.

So Perrys momma blurted all this out only after he flipped to Miss St, I guess in retaliation to AR fans comments on the same.
What did she have to say about MA & the UofA while he was committed here?

If in fact Reggie got laundered money thru the shoe company chain I guess that slipped thru the cracks of the FBI probe.

I thought there was also another connection to Miss St with a family member, maybe his dad or uncle.