Reggie Perry is not "one and done"

Returning to Miss State.

Regarding early entries to NBA draft, Jeff Goodman had these interesting stats

177 underclass men declared for the draft

53 will return to school

47 are still undecided

77 will stay in the draft

Should really be able to tell what the rosters in the league will look like after tomorrow. I think we still have a few players in the league that are yet to decide.

Never thought he would be a one-and-done. Said that during the recruiting process.

Not sure why posters continue to waste time on Reggie Perry since he, his parents and handlers decided to flip his commitment to Arkansas for the cash that Mississippi State gave them.
I could care less if he ever plays in the NBA, just want to bet him and the bulldogs from now on!

Go Hogs!

He may not be a one and done, but he is still a bought and paid for.

The NBA could be a pay cut… :shock:

And they will get away with it. While we smugly sit by and tell ourselves how much better we are that we don’t pay players. Hope you guys like losing to them next season.

Exactly what I thought.

You make that statement as if anyone on this ppv board reading that statement can engineer a change in policy regarding 3rd party financial benefits.