Reggie Perry commits to Mississippi State (story)......

That was quick … ssissippi/

This explains/confirms a lot. College basketball at the 5 star level is a cess pool.

played his college basketball

Yep, but him and Weatherspoon don’t like Macon’s tweets

this smells of something rotten

Didn’t see that coming. There are a lot of ways to look at this. I think I’ll just look away. Never again will I get excited about a commit, whatever that is, until after NSD.

Nothing like doing things decent and in order. Yes lawd!

Comments: a silly rumor suggest it goes beyond just the school where the dad played, I still don’t believe this kid would leave the another four to just play at a different school I won’t believe it until he signs

This is bizarre to say the least. What was this about his Dad’s health and staying close to home at Florida St? Misstake has suspiciously amassed a ton of talent even before this kid’s defection to them. The parents have to know that this stings even more to go to a rival in our division.

This is very telling about all involved and I don’t see his parents in the same neutral light as before. AAU and College Basketball at the 5 star level is so corrupt that it turns my stomach.

It is that world class healthcare facility in Starkville.

What are Macon’s tweets? I wonder if it pure bad luck for the Perrys that Dad’s health problems and Reggie’s dramatic rise to a consensus five star came at the same time.

Cannot leave out that world class healthcare facility that just opened in Starkville.

He deleted the original tweet, but (I’m paraphrasing because he deleted), it was something like, You decommitted from us for … Wait.

Perry and Q. Weatherspoon both replied with the crying emoji

Daryl deleted the original tweet, but made another tweet about being here and bring it. The rest of the team is now tweeting backing Macon. Anton claims he was speaking of “shoes.”

Sometimes it sucks being a program that won’t pay. We probably could have gotten Monk if we’d opened the check book last year, and now Perry too. Starkville has been paying for years.

I bet Reggie knew that back when he committed to us.

Has Perry or the DB from Ashdown ever been to Starkville? Look up middle of nowhere on line and it should show a picture of Starkville. Beautiful mountains of NW Ark. vs flat nothing of SE Miss.

This dude and his family are really sad. Tell me the pros of going to Miss St over Arkansas with all your AAU teammates…I’ll wait…

IJ Ready dislikes Arkansas so I wonder if he has a dog in this hunt??? His Dad coach’s in the Hawks organization.

This article tells you all you need to know about Ben Howland and what’s going on at Miss St. … wland-2012

I guess though, if you plan on being a one and done, you don’t really care what happens to Miss St after the NCAA gets through with them and Howland.

It is amazing Howland has been able to lure high number of 4-stars (six in 2016 and 2017) and two 5-stars, most of them from outside of Mississippi, to Starkville. What is his secret?

It’ll be interesting to watch what I would anticipate to be a Gafford and Perry matchup in 2018-19