Reggie Herring

Anyone remember when Reggie herring for one game changed his defense to have 5 defensive lineman, 2 linebackers and 4 defensive backs for a game against a predominately running team. Don’t remember how that worked out for that one game. Was just thinking about MSU and how we might stop Prescott.

Perhaps, but I don’t think Xs & Os will stop him without the Jimmys and Joes and Arkansas does not have any of them. Just way too slow.

I would think Prescott getting drafted by the Cowboys might be enough to stop him in this case, but that’s just me.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist – you mean Fitzgerald).

There is plenty of tape this year on how to shut down Mississippi State. That offense had four pretty rough games until it played Texas A&M the other day.

The fans wanted their new coach fired because they thought they might win the West before the year started. They lost 3 straight and went crazy. They were calling for Nick Fitzgerald to be benched because he was not playing well. They are feeling better this week since they beat A+M. Fitzgerald reminds me a little of Matt Jones…an excellent runner, but not a good passer. MSU misses Dan Mullen. He was a very good coach.

I know a lot has changed since the preseason (especially my hope of winning six), but Mistake and LSU were games that I thought we had a chance in. Not because of Jimmy and Joes or X’s and O’s, but we play both the week after they play Bama. I think Bama will crush their spirit, and if either team is down, we have a chance

John Chavis has played an extra DL in several games this season. Herring did it 4-5 games. Last I recall was Mizzou in Cotton Bowl. Their RB set the Cotton Bowl record that day. The key that day was Herring suspended the team’s best tackler, safety Hewitt, for being late for curfew.

That was one worth forgetting. In hindsight, Missouri was somewhat jilted out of the BCS standings and Houston Nutt had left for Ole Miss, whenever you see a bowl scenario similar to that, Bet the farm on the jilted team, one has a huge chip on their shoulder and the other one has Alexander Haig in charge.

It can work the other way too. Mizzou’s players could have mailed it in with a “we should be in the Orange Bowl instead of Kansas so why should we give a crap about this game?” I’ve seen that happen. In fact it happened to A&M in 1975. They were 10-0 until we beat them in the Rock, which also knocked them out of the Cotton Bowl and NC contention, and they absolutely tanked against SoCal in Memphis. Trojans shut them out 20-0 and it wasn’t that close.

I agree that teams will mail it in when they are in a step down bowl from where they wanted to be, I guess you have to be somewhat close to the source to know what the temperature is. I was speaking to our side as well, maybe if we had gotten into the game coming out after half we would have rallied, but I remember the hogs turning in a very flat performance.

i wouldn’t say we mailed it in, but we lost to ole miss in the sugar bowl, i think, not sure, year we lost the 15-14 game to texas. should have been national champions that year. the baseball game this year reminded me of that loss to texas.

but i don’t think we came out fully motivated until later in the game.

I believe Ole Miss had Archie Manning and we had the bitterness of blowing a 14-0 lead and making Nixon(who predicted on TV at half time Texas would come back and win the game) look like he knew something about football.

I remember attending a game at RRS…I think it was Auburn and they just ran the ball down our throat the whole game and won easily…some guy got into a yelling/stare down with Herring after the game…guy kept calling him Uncle Fester

When Bama didn’t make the playoffs a few years ago, they sure didn’t look to enthused against the Sooners & got whipped. Forgot which bowl it was.

Believe that was the Sugar Bowl. Seems like Urban Meyer beat someone who was mailing in a bowl in his last game at Utah and parlayed that into the Florida job.

To answer the question of the OP, the game RH used 5 DL’s and shut down the other team was the 2007 Capital One Bowl against Wisconsin (coached by CBB). We held them to 5 net yards rushing that game, and 201 total yards, but still lost 17-14. (We had 232 rushing and 136 passing yards in that game).
That scheme might not have worked other times, but our defense was awesome that day.

No strategy is going to win the next three games for us, but players; and ours is not up to the stuff.

I was a fan of BB for almost his whole tenure at Arkansas, but I remember watching that game and thinking he looked like one of the dumb German prison camp guards you see in WW II movies. His Wisconsin defense was good that year.

i would be more worried about Kylin Hill than Fitzgerald.

Pretty funny that he suspended the player for curfew when we had a couple of assistant coaches still drunk from the night before on the sideline.