Reggie Chaney's work ethic instilled at an early age

“All my life I’ve had a chip on my shoulder trying to prove people wrong. My dad always ingrained in me to work hard all the time.”

My profile on Reggie Chaney, his relationship with his father, Reggie Lee, and preparing to be an impact freshman for Arkansas: … young-age/

He is an impressive specimen. He is tall, long and muscular. He is very athletic and can run. He has a nice looking mid-range jumper. He has a lot of talent and looks to have a lot of upside. He just needs the minutes. I hope Coach Anderson will let him play now so he can develop. He should be ready to start by SEC play, if not sooner.

I am no NBA scout, but it doesn’t take a smart guy to see his ability. I have watched the Hogs play 2 times this year at the Bud…he is a horse…he is not the usual skinny dude who needs to fill out. He is filled out today.

Who did we beat out for Chaney? He is a well-kept secret for us non-recruitnicks.

Chaney visited Arkansas, TCU, Texas A&M and Wichita State, I believe.

His dad told me while we talked for this story that the Arkansas visit was far and away the most enjoyable. He described the Razorbacks’ staff as “long-lost uncles.” That was one of the better notes I got that I didn’t include in the story. They spent some time at Mike Anderson’s house and both said they felt like family here.

Scottie, is Reggie really 6-8? He doesn’t look quite that tall…is that the “in shoes” measurement or the real height? What is his weight?

I didn’t mean to imply he was NBA bound, but he does appear to be the kind of young guy that could be vying for all-SEC recognition in a couple of years.

He and Isiah Joe are 2 really impressive freshman, with Joe being ready to go today.

Joe’s shot reminds me of Scotty Thurman’s shot…that high arcing soft net burner. He may, however, have more upside than Scotty did. Is that a stretch? He certainly is more athletic than Scotty and can handle the ball much better. If he is in that class of Scotty Thurman…he will be plenty good.

Reggie is 6-8, 222 pounds, according to Arkansas’ roster. Having stood next to him before, I don’t think it’s a stretch.

On Isaiah Joe, if by the end of his career he can climb into the space Scotty Thurman occupies, that’ll be great for Arkansas. He’s got tremendous upside for sure. Joe’s sophomore year of high school he was pretty one-dimensional and mostly just a spot-up shooter. His handle has really improved since then, which is a plus. I think he’ll be a surprisingly solid defender when all is said and done, too. He’s really smart and instinctive. Add all of that together and you’ve got a heck of a player with a bright future.

what kind of shooter is Chaney? need him to be able to knock down the mid range jumper and score inside

Joe has a chance to be as good an offensive player as Scotty in their freshman years. For me, what set Scotty apart from most freshmen in Razorback lore was his defense as a freshman. He wasn’t especially quick or fast, but seemed to fit perfectly in Nolan’s pressing defense. Scotty was very smart and instinctive with his defensive abilities. Always seemed to be in the right spot at the right time, getting lots of deflections. Joe has a pretty long way to go to match Scotty defensively this year. I agree with you, that he will get there though at some point. The sky is the limit for Isaiah Joe.

Mike Anderson at media day on Oct. 1 said he liked Chaney’s midrange game. I charted each player’s shots in the Red-White game and two exhibitions. Chaney was 0/6 on shots outside the paint - including two 3s - in the Red-White game, 0/1 against Tusculum and 2/2 vs. Southwest Baptist. I think the free throw line area and short corners are spots he can be useful, for sure.