Reggie Chaney's numbers vs. Mizzou

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Pretty ridiculous numbers when Chaney was in the lineup last night. Missouri turned the ball over on 15 of his 42 defensive possessions, and Arkansas outscored the Tigers 57-32 in his 23 minutes.

Good stuff but let’s start Bailey.

Chaney has been a bust when he has started. He has played really good coming off of the bench.

Your right there. Start Bailey and call time out and put Chaney in.


Come on, Labb…Chaney should have started from day 1. He has much more upside than anybody else on our fronline except Gafford. He should have played a lot more minutes than he has this season. If he had started and played as a starter, imagine how advanced he would have been. Coach Anderson kept him on the bench way too much, for reasons unknown to many.

I was concerned he might transfer like other guys have because he couldn’t get on the floor. Can you imagine sitting on the bench behind Gabe and Adrio Bailey? That would piss anybody off.

I actually agree with continuing to start Bailey, Chaney just doesn’t play well when he starts we’ve tried it out a couple times now and he’s had his worst games starting. And if you start Gabe, he’ll have 3 fouls by the first media timeout. Just let Bailey play until the first media timeout, then get Chaney in there, and he’s good from there.

Well Blu guess you and I have been watching the same games. Not so sure about Jhawg. If you don’t know why Anderson has given him the minutes he has then I don’t know what to tell you.

Starting matters to these kids as it does to any player. Nobody wants to come off the bench. It is so obvious Chaney has much more upside than either Bailey or Gabe, who are not SEC quality players. Chaney has only started 2 or 3 games. What if he had started at the beginning of the season? How good would he be today?

We aren’t going anywhere this season playing Gabe or Bailey, but we might be a better team if we had started and played our best players.

At least by starting the talented freshman in Chaney…you probably eliminate the chance he will leave at the end of the year being frustrated by a lack of playing time and not starting. We certainly can’t afford to lose Chaney after Daniel Gafford leaves for the NBA. We’ve already lost a very talented freshman at semester break in Jordan Thomas.

He doesn’t play as well when he starts. We have documentation of that. How difficult is that to understand?

Swine, what is your so-called documentation? He has started 2 or 3 games out of 17 or 18. That is not enough starts to get any type of pattern. How difficult is that for you to fathom?


He doesn’t play as well when he starts. We have documentation of that. How difficult is that to understand?

[/quote]The whole team hasn’t started well for weeks. In my opinion, only as a frosh, Chaney just looks the part – and should start…regardless of Scottie’s (more valid) facts.

Chaney’s minutes need to keep trending upward! ghg

Chaney’s just fine coming off the bench this year. There is a reason for it & it’s not hard see. Bottom line we need a viable sub for Gafford as well as them playing together at times. What we don’t want is both Chaney & Gafford in foul trouble and extended periods of time with Gabe & Adrio on the floor at same time.
Reggies starting spot is reserved for next year.


Reggies starting spot is reserved for next year.

[/quote] Obviously he’s a great athlete, but Adrio needs more time on the bench. Reggie (and the Hogs) need more minutes on the floor, now.


I’ll agree with that for more Minutes for Reggie.

I don’t have time to look it up, but didn’t Chaney get two quick fouls in all his starts? I agree, let him watch a few minutes, settle down, then get him in there. I would like to see more of Ethan Henderson, taking some of Gabe and Adrio’s minutes.

I’m with you on wanting to see Henderson get a crack at more PT!

Chaney’s minutes should have grown faster than they have, there is a real talent gap between him and the other forwards. If you want proof, look at the chart posted above. If he plays better coming off the bench as opposed to starting then it is mental which usually can be corrected by getting more starts. What we have starting in front of him borders on comical at times.

Geez guys, if you want his minutes to increase, he needs to come off the bench. His last 4 games:

LSU - 27 minutes - off the bench - played well
TN - 20 minutes - off the bench - played well
OM - 12 minutes - started - played poorly
MO - 23 minutes - off the bench - played well.

He’s started 2 games - played 12 minutes in each. TX St game, he had 2 TOs and 2 fouls in about 3-4 minutes. Sat the rest of the half. Came off the bench in the 2nd half and played fine. OM, he had goose eggs as a starter. Came off the bench in the 2nd half and played a little better, but still had only 1 rebound for those 12 minutes.

He obviously puts too much pressure on himself when he’s starting. He’s playing better coming off the bench. He’s getting an average of 23 minutes a game in the last 3 SEC games that he’s come off the bench.

He’ll be a starter and probably one of the 3 best players on the team next season. He’s a freshman, let him progress at his own (and best) pace. Maybe he’ll get there mentally later this year, maybe it will be next year. He’s playing great now coming off the bench.